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What is Digital Marketing and How it is Different from Online Marketing?



what is digital marketing

Moving ahead with the phase of digitization, the concept of marketing is also changing globally. The rising number of internet users and accessibility of online media and communication devices are allowing business houses to increase their presence through digital marketing and utilize its reach widespread among the audience of different regions.

Digital marketing has enabled a customized channel of advertising to communicate directly with a particular group of customers. And customers can also give feedbacks or can choose the options to acquire more information about the products and services before choosing anyone.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the new concept of business promotions targeting customers using digital technologies converting online visitors into potential customers. Business houses are now hugely spending on it to improve their brand image while retaining existing clients or attracting new customer. The idea of SEO India has redefined digital marketing concept help to improve the page ranking of web pages on the top pages of search engines.

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Digital Marketing Definition and Services

Digital Marketing has been defined in the terms of complete online marketing strategy encompassing major techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization and Pay Per Click (PPC). And this online marketing practice is used with the help of various electronic devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs etc.

digital marketing and online marketing differenceAlthough Digital Marketing is a wider term that includes internet based or non-internet based techniques like Radio and TV, now social media sites are playing a crucial role in Digital Marketing to attract customers with the social responsibility.

Companies offering SEO Services, provide digital marketing services with other related business offerings. And now it becomes very popular among marketing professionals due to easy and more precisely ROI calculation compares to other means of traditional advertising.

How Digital Marketing Works?

Digital Marketing is a wider term that includes various marketing process to promote the product or services with brand building through digital platforms. Digital Marketers can analyze what types of customers respond to online ads with a real-time figure which is not possible in a traditional form of advertisement. It is the more economical and controlled form of advertisement with an improved web presence and brand image among targeted customers.

Digital marketing is becoming prevalent enough, that it has left behind other traditional forms of marketing. Digital marketing channels consist of online promotions through a website, banners ads, email marketing, SMO, SEO, PPC, mobile campaign and SMS etc. anything digitally active and available through various modes of digital communication.

It is allowing digital marketing companies to deliver more relevant products and services to the right customers at low-cost. And the customer will also find goods or services without visiting at the marketplace with a wider choice to enquire or purchase goods as per his needs.

Though there are many techniques and tools applied under digital marketing strategy and few of them like SEO, SMO and PPC help majorly in attracting customers with an improved online presence. Spending on them as per the business needs help to generate new business with long-lasting impact on customer’s mind about the brand name of the company.

Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Difference  

While on the other hand, internet marketing is another term known as a synonym of digital marketing. Though, the latter one is wider term encompasses various means of online advertisement and you can say online marketing comes under digital marketing.

And you can also see there is no big difference between digital marketing and online marketing but under the former, you will find the use of mobile marketing, video recorder and digital media. And marketing professionals should also now understand the importance of digital marketing as it has become an integral part of business promotions or advertisements.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Scope

Digital marketing is further expanding with new techniques developing worldwide providing more widespread platforms and source of the online advertisement to connect with the diverse category of customers. And customers will also easily communicate with better products information available on web pages of the service provider in a more transparent manner.

SEO Companies are now allowing business owners to choose the most economical and effective way of advertisement.  SEO, SMO and PPC are key techniques of digital marketing allow companies to promote their business in a more controlled and effective manner.

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Further, with easier accessibility through various communication devices, digital marketing will become an integral part of every business organization. Not only optimizing the web pages but also reducing the communication gap between buyers and sellers, the concept of digital marketing is going to be a technology-driven online source of business communication and will become a prime mode of business promotions globally.

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Digital Marketing

Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Business?



why content marketing is important

Digital marketing has become popular among marketers across the world, and content marketing is one of the most effective techniques in digital marketing. It is playing a significant role in SEO and its scope and adoptability increasing among business houses helping them to enhance their online presence and attract more number of customers.

In online marketing “Content is King” and nobody can leave the ruler behind or else he will lose the race against its competitors. Content marketing is very important and become an essential element for digital marketing. You should understand importance of content marketing and its use which has been clearly defined below, so that you can also make best use of contents in online promotions and promote your business online.

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important for Business

why content marketing is important

#1 Increase Online Visitors Traffic

The main motive of digital marketing is to attract more number of customers and web contents has best potential to do that. Contents drive online traffic using various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc. Appealing contents strategically linked with various pages of a website encourages lots of people to visit at your site and increase online traffic.

#2 Brand Awareness with Credibility

Content marketing not only helps to increase online traffic but as soon as more number of audience perceive the brand name of your company, it spread awareness among them about the name of company and products or services sold by it in various segments. Content promotions enhance the brand value and also build trust with credibility among customers.

#3 Best Resource of Information

Content marketing is not only to do online promotions of company and its product or services; it is also major source of information to share with audience. Using social platforms you can share knowledgeable stuffs including new innovations in your industry or share key facts about technical know-how to or make them aware about unknown facts.

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#4 Widespread Reach among Audience

In traditional marketing or other marketing techniques it is quite difficult to reach among different group of customers. While, rising eagerly use of multiple internet devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones facilitates content marketing to reach at maximum number of audiences. You can share contents to the selected group of customers and modify as per the user-interface and compatibility of various platforms.

#5 Essential for Search Engine Optimization

The importance of content marketing in SEO is also prominent as contents are major tool for SEO; its marketing favourably affects the SEO activities and helps to improve the page rank of whole site or targeted page on the search engine result page. However, unique, resourceful, useful, informative and good quality content can make a positive impact on content marketing will be effective for both customers and business owners as well.

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7 Ways to Optimize Content for Social Media Posts



Creating a blog and updating contents is not enough to make it visible among audience who are in quest of reading these useful stuffs and also like to share with others. Nowadays social media is such a useful online platform to share or promote contents.

As your friend or acquaintances connected with on social media may share because you are associated with it, but the worth sharing would be when an unknown visitors encouraged to share with different peoples maximizing the visibility of your content.

And this could be possible only when your blog contents are worth enough to impress others and further encourage them to spread among their group members. To achieve this goal you have to make easy and optimize content for social media and for other platforms to provide an integrated facility on your blog portal which can help them to share valuable contents to keep inform about such topics without too much efforts.          

Actually, you can optimize and make your blog contents shareable on social media platforms with few considerable easy steps to enable this facility and promote contents. Social media optimization services involve simply enabling useful plugins and integrate them for sharing. There are few efficient and effective ways given below to optimize and boost your content reach with social media and attract more visitors on your site.

7 Ways to Boost Your Content Reach with Social Media

#1 Understand Your Audience

If you are serious about sharing your contents, first, identify and understand your audience otherwise you can’t focus what type of contents should be written for a specific field. Know the industry or sector and interest of customers they are looking to read about a particular topic and for that you need to keep reading topic related latest news.  

#2 Captivating Headlines for Attractiveness

A headline is a key factor to attract readers at glance, eye-catching titles compel visitors to read the article and encourage for further sharing of social media content. The title should be long enough to be easily shareable and short enough to cover the essential matrix or entire blog and represent the true picture. And if possible make it like snippets to be tweetable on social platforms within the prescribed character limits with a short link.

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#3 Attach Eye-catching Images/Graphics

As per the studies, contents with images gain higher attraction among readers, and this concept is very much applied for the social media platforms.

Actually, a picture tells thousand stories in one word, and an attractive image can be main factor to attract visitors to visit the blog page and read the contents. But make sure it should be relevant with the topic and sharable on social portals to encourage more readers to visit on your blog post and stay there while reading the contents.

#4 Link the Social Sharing Badges

As per the recent studies, websites or blogs having social media buttons generate more number of mentions compare to non-buttons. Adding social media badges with link buttons allows visitors to share your contents with one click. You can add these buttons along with the articles, blogs or other contents available on your website. This is a best social media marketing strategy in SMO that many online marketing experts don’t know.     

#5 Inviting Meta Titles Tags and Descriptions

Apart from search engine optimization, now SMO agencies, offering digital marketing services also use Meta tagging as a strategy to optimize the pages as per the search engines. Hence, make a unique but relevant title with brief description of every blog post which helps search engines to show a snapshot view and will also help readers to identify the topic and move ahead to click and read the entire contents.  

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#6 Encourage Readers with Call-to-Action

People read certain things and forget or think about how to follow it, encourage them to share with others. For strategic content marketing you can put call-to-action at the bottom or at end of the topic, so that they can also share it with others. It works and people love to take actions on pleased requests, it will not only help you increase the visibility of topics on social platforms but also help to improve the page rank of your website.

#7 Ensure the Quality of All Types of Contents

Content is King – hence to optimize the content for social media strategy you need to create your every blog in such a way that can be shared with others, so you should keep up the quality of contents at best level to encourage the readers. Always use high quality writing style and attach attractive images or videos to maintain the reputation of your blog and that can be sharable at various other social platforms. 

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Digital Marketing

Top Five Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners



online marketing tips for business

In today’s world, competition from big rivals are making difficult to survive in the business and for the smaller business owner, the cost of high marketing and advertisement increasing their overall expenses. But Internet-based service has made many things affordable and easily accessible like organizing the online marketing process, especially for these small business.

If you have started your business recently and looking to expand its presence and operations then online marketing will help you to achieve your business goals at lower cost with best useful digital marketing tips for small businesses for making best use these online interactive platforms for attracting new customers. However, online marketing agencies in India is facilitating smaller vendors to introduce the business offering.   

5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 

Online Marketing for Small-Businesses

Use Social Media Services

For small business houses, social media could be best online marketing platform to attract large number of customers at one place. Today from young generation to old-age people all are connected with social networking sites and sharing the social as well as personal issues with each other providing a niche online marketplace to promote various business offerings.    

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Facebook Page with Advertising

Create a Facebook page in the name of your business and promote with highlighted features that can entice online viewers and convert them into a real-time customer. Facebook ads are paid and allow choosing audience as per the user’s background like age, gender, location and educational qualification or working field from different regions across the world.

Maintain Engaging Contents

Apart from having unique and fresh contents on your website, you should keep sharing engaging contents through blogs and other sources to readers keep intact and encourage them to visit again. To keep engaging, share useful tips, articles or blogs on interesting topics and get feedback from customers to improve your service and serve with better brand image.

Reminders with Email Marketing

One of the most traditional channels of the internet era, email marketing is the best source to send proposals or customize emails to inform about your product and services. Make the subject line encouraging and represent your niche products or service at a glance. In combination with other online promotional activities, email marketing is affordable and helps to get positive leads. It has been always the prime source of online marketing among digital marketers to promote a product or services with better response. 

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PPC and Google Adwords also Works           

Pay per click (PPC) is also one of the best advertisement processes to gain business leads in the shortest time with huge traffic growth. For regional based services or seasonal offerings, PPC is the best suitable online successful campaign with positive leads. PPC services in India offered by digital marketing companies or online marketing agencies involved in online marketing providing a low cost and result-oriented advertising services with the huge opportunity to take your business at next level.

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