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Five Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux and Heartburn



Acid reflux or heartburn, also known as acidity is one of the most common problem among the people across the world. Irregular lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, over-eating or spicy food consumption, smoking and drinking are the major causes behind the acid reflux and heartburn. So, let’s start to know more about this with some curable remedial tips.

Whatis Acid Reflux or Heartburn Symptoms?

Acid reflux is a kind of burning sensation or burning pain in the lower chest area caused when stomach acid flows back up into the food pipe. It is also well-known as heartburn, acid indigestion, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.  

Whatare the causes of Acid Reflux and Heartburn?

Aparteating the highly spicy foods and consuming alcohol or smoking, there aremultiple reasons of acid reflux among the people depending on their lifestyleand eating habits. You can find below the list of major causes of heartburn andacid reflux.

Major Causes ofHeartburn and Acidity:

  • Consumingextremely spiced food materials.
  • Consuminghighly citrus fruits or vegetables.
  • Beingpregnant, overweight and obesity. 
  • Excessivealcohol consumption and smoking.   
  • Lyingdown straight after eating or snacking. 
  • Regularintake of antibiotic medicines and drugs.  
  • Chocolate,carbonated drinks, and acidic juices.

5 Best Home Remedies for Acid Reflux and Heartburn Cure

Cold Buttermilk or Churned Yogurt Shake

Buttermilk is made with millions of probiotic bacteria and one of the best beverage for cooling the stomach and control the acidity. Buttermilk is also very much beneficial to improve the digestive system and also considered as a healthy diet. However, you can also increase water consumption to get quick relief from acidity.

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If you cannot get buttermilk you can also make this natural drink using the curd or yogurt prepared at your home. You can add sugar or salt in buttermilk to make it tastier and using the ice cubes in summers will give you instant relief from acid reflux and indigestion.

Consume Bananas or Carrom Seeds (Ajwain)

Banana contains a high level of potassium and magnesium that helps to maintain the pH levels in the stomach lining that prevents any kind of acid reflux into the body. Banana also contains several other nutrients to keep you healthy. You can also add salads like cucumber or carrots in a regular diet that helps to reduce acidity.

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Similarly,Carrom Seeds or in India well-known as Ajwainis also one the best homeremedies for acid reflux treatment with quick relief and long-lastingaction. Actually, carrom seeds are full of anti-acidic properties and you can consumeit either swallow mix with black salt or boil carrom seeds in water and drinkthe water to cure acidity.

Avoid Eating Spicy Foods Regularly   

Foods containing hot spices and red chilies pepper like ingredients also cause the heartburn. You can imagine when you put such hot things on your mouth you feel a kind of burning sensation in your tongue triggered by marinated foods.

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So, when these spiced foodstuffs travel through your food pipe and intestine you can feel the heartburning sensation trigger acid reflux symptoms, causing pain and discomfort into your belly. Hence, avoid or minimize the intake of foods containing the hot peppers, hot sauce, cayenne, red chili pepper flakes or chili powder like ingredients.       

Don’t Smoke and Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Intoxication and smoking are also one of the major causes of acid reflux among the people, usually who regularly consume such things. Actually, Nicotine causes your body to relax but at the same time makes the valve separating your stomach from your esophagus relaxes that allows your stomach acid to escape and the onset of acid reflux symptoms.

Similarly, regular consumption of alcohol weakens the valve between your stomach and esophagus causing the heartburn and painful sensation after meals. Alcohol produces extra acid in your stomach and causes several other health problems like vomiting, hangover, headache, stomach pain and diarrhea with long-term body effects.   

Ease Your Stress or Depression Level

Many people don’t know, but people having stressful minds all-the-time also have acid reflux symptomsas it is scientifically proven that stress and depression cause acid reflux. And heartburn due to stress can take extraordinary time to recover or cure fully after taking acid reflux treatment under the professional medical practitioner .

So, avoid stress and never think about anything seriously, whatever the problems or unfavorable situations come into your personal or professional life. With the time being everything will be fine and taking stress will put you into the depression that requires special treatment and stress management techniques to recover completely.     


Apart from these natural remedies for heartburn, there are multiple other options to get relief from acid reflux. You can try various other remedies like try aloe vera juice, avoid overeating, consume meals on time, avoid intake of chocolates, limit the intake of carbonated beverages, coffee and tea. And you also need to change your lifestyle like wear loose fitting clothes, sleep on an incline or left side, walk or wait before going to bed.



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What Are The Side Effects Of Root Canal Treatment: Disadvantages



root canal treatment side effects

A root canal is the last resort to prevent the tooth from permanent damage. And it is performed when the cavity reaches the root level and causing extreme pain with swollen gums due to infection and bacteria start eating the gums touching the roots of your teeth. But root canal side effects dangers are unknown facts you need to know.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a process of curing the badly infected and cavity affected teeth. The whole process involves extracting the entire pulp and accumulated cavity from the tooth to prevent it from further infection with proper filling capping.

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And once, the cleaning process is completed, the roots of the tooth are disconnected from the gums the hollow area is filled with the right material. And once, a filling is done, the capping process is done to prevent the tooth from chewing pressure.

Though, a root canal can save your teeth from permanent damage, but it has several drawbacks and creates certain problems for the people who go through this treatment. If your tooth is in extremely bad condition, you can ask the dentist to remove the same permanently from your mouth, so that you can to get rid of pain.

Root Canal Treatment Five Side Effects

Apart from bearing the extreme pain, going through root canal treatment, it has several side effects that can create problems for you. So, if you are mulling to get the root canal treatment you need to know the disadvantages discussed below.

#1 An Expensive Treatment Process

The most important disadvantage of root canal is, it’s treatment process that is very expensive, Hence, if you cannot afford you should avoid it, instead go for the alternative remedies to cure your teeth like permanently remove the tooth.

root canal treatment cost

Although, if you want to save your tooth and not in favour to remove from your mouth you can opt temporary treatment to get relief for a few days. And when you manage the money go for the treatment as per your affordability and ease.

#2 A Complicated Treatment Procedure

Compare to another dental curing, treating the teeth through root canal is much more complex and dangerous. Actually, the entire process involves multiple surgical stages to carry out the treatment like cleaning, filling and capping of teeth.

root canal treatment procedure

And to perform the complicated dental surgeries you also need to visit at best dental clinic in Jamaica where you can get trouble-free and safe treatment. And a well-qualified and experienced teeth specialist doctor can do that.

#3 Your Tooth Becomes Very Fragile

This is one of the other disadvantages of root canal treatment. Tooth becomes fragile, as it is disconnected from the roots and not getting any kind of nutrition naturally from your health which makes it brittle and more prone to chipping.

root canal treatment side effects

Your treated tooth can easily breakdown or crack when exposed to too much pressure. And damaged tooth also invites bacteria causing infection. Hence, get capped or crown filled your teeth to protect it and avoid any problem in chewing.

#4 Needs Extra Care and Precautions

As we have already said, root canal treatment makes your tooth weak, so you need to be careful while chewing or brushing your teeth. As regular brushing can decay such teeth due to lack of nourishment and not support from natural roots.

root canal treatment precautions

And if while filling the white porcelain, the quality of the material is not good or not long-lasting you will again face the same problem in the same tooth. Root canal treated tooth sometimes pains like when you have wisdom teeth growth.

#5 Need Regular Visitation at Dental Clinic

root canal treatment dentist

If any of your tooth is treated with the root canal treatment process, you not only need to care for that but also have to visit the dentist in New York for regular checkups. As, carelessness sometimes makes your teeth dark and infected.

And this can happen if the treatment process is not done properly and any small amount of pulp left inside causing the pain and infection. Hence, visit your nearest dental clinic for regular dental exams to avoid major dental problems in life.

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How to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse Naturally: 5 Simple Ways



How to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse

Cavity in a tooth is the prime reason behind the teeth related to most of the problems in human life. However, the normal cavity level is visible in most of the middle-age people globally who don’t care about their health and enjoy their life in eating.

Actually, a normal cavity keeps increasing if you don’t care about your teeth like bad eating habits, irregular brushing and eating high sugary foods, especially at the night before the sleep, that is the major cause of cavity growth.

However, if the cavity is getting bigger and not cured timely it can eat enamel and permanently damage your teeth. And if you do not know how to stop a cavity from getting worse naturally, you can find here a few tips by experts.

Five Natural Ways to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse

#1 Brush Your Teeth and Clean The Spots

When your teeth have small pits and food keeps sticking there for the longer time period, bacteria attacks there and that teeth become the victim of the cavity. Hence, you need to regularly brush your teeth, especially the affected area or such spots.

Use the soft bristle toothbrush and always genitally rub your teeth. And you can also use an electric brush that automatically rotates the bristle in your mouth is more helpful and effective in cleaning the teeth without damaging your gums.

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#2 Drink Plenty Of Water Regularly

Dry mouth is the favorite home of bacteria. Hence, you need to keep your mouth hydrated that flush such bacteria into your stomach preventing your teeth from attacks. Our stomach food digestion acid is enough to kill such bacteria.

However, it is not necessary to keep drinking tan unlimited amount of water, so you can also keep flushing your mouth with water to keep such bacteria away from your mouth. As unnecessary intake of water is also not good for your health.

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#3 Cut Down Sugary Foods Intake

Eating the high containing sugar foods at regular intervals are leading causes behind the cavity growth. Actually, sugar mixes with saliva and other chemicals in your mouth create a kind of acid that eats the tooth enamel causing cavities.

However, every time when you eat sugary foods, make sure to rinse your mouth immediately properly with water. And before nights going to sleep always brush your teeth if you have taken sugary food, sugar-friendly bacteria attack mostly at night when you fall asleep and your mouth and tongue relaxing.

#4 Use Salty Water to Clean Your Mouth

Another natural way to keep your mouth free from the cavity is rinsing your mouth thoroughly with clean salty water that works as a natural antiseptic and kills bacteria. Saltwater creates a saline environment in your mouth and prevents from the cavity.

Actually, a saline environment is unconducive for the habitation of bacteria and also stops the further progress of such bacteria to stop cavity growth. And compare to adults young people eat more, inviting cavity that becomes painful for them.

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#5 Consult with Dentist Near You Immediately

If natural ways to prevent cavity growth is not working for you, then visit at best dentist in New York or near your city to consult a dentist who will cure it. As, cavity getting worse will pain a lot and can permanently damage your teeth.

So, visit right now at the dentist clinic and get a complete diagnosis of your mouth to get the right treatment for preventing cavity growth. And if the situation is critical and cavity in your mouth becomes bigger you need to opt for the root canal treatment disadvantages.

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How To Treat Swollen Gums Near Wisdom Tooth Naturally At Home?



natural remedies for wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth, which is known as the third set of molars usually grows and appears at last set of teeth at lower jaws. Wisdom teeth usually grows during teen age or late twenties, however sometimes it can grew at middle-age among few people.

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Whatever the age, but whenever wisdom tooth occurs, you will feel lots of pain and discomfort making your life restless. But if you apply some effective wisdom tooth pain remedy at your home you will get instant relief from such agony.

Five Home Remedies For Instant Relief Wisdom Tooth Pain

1# Put Clove Oil into Mouth

Clove oil is anti-inflammatory and antifungal in nature and acts as analgesic and toothache reliever. Actuality, Clove oil contains chemical known as “Eugenol”, which acts as an anesthetic and antibacterial agent helpful in teeth pain.

You can buy clove oil from the market, or simply take six-to-eight cloves and boil into few ml of water to make natural clove oil. And to apply this remedy just soak raw cotton into clove oil and put on your paining wisdom teeth. You can also massage onto your painful gums and you can repeat several times per day to avoid pain.

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2# Rinse with Salt Water

This is one of the best wisdom tooth pain relief home remedy you can simply apply with salted water. Actually, rinsing your mouth with sodium chloride dissolved water reduce dental bacteria as it temporarily increases the pH balance of your mouth and creates an alkaline environment in which bacteria struggle to survive.

This home remedy is also recommended by doctors to the people suffering from any kind of pain into their teeth. To use this just dissolve the salt into warm water and rinsing your gums with this at least for twelve seconds to kill harmful bacteria and promote healthy gums. And you can repeat this process when feel the pain.

3# Apply Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint is another home remedy, very rich in anesthetic properties that will extraordinary reduce pain and removes bacteria in the mouth that causes the infection. Peppermint leaves contain oils that actually reduce pain and inflammation.

To apply this, soak the Peppermint oil into cotton ball or rub the oil directly into your mouth on the wisdom teeth. You can also use peppermint extracts or fresh leaves on cotton and taking peppermint tea to get relieve from the tooth pain.

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4# Use Menthol Essential Oil

Menthol is another effective natural remedies for wisdom tooth pain you can use at your home. Menthol is an natural analgesic and make you feel the cooling sensation into you mouth when you put into your mouth.

However, if you don’t want to use menthol due to sensitivity issues into your other teeth, then you can use mouthwash dilute a mouthwash that contains alcohol, peppermint flavor and apply the same directly into the affected wisdom tooth.

#5 Apply Oregano Oil Carefully

Oregano oil is another highly effective home remedy for wisdom tooth pain. It not only reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation but also a power healer that can kill bacteria and prevent infection causing such pain into your mouth.

Ithas pain-relieving components that is because of its activeingredients, carvacrol helps in curing such pains. Oregano oil isvery powerful, so always dilute properly before use. To use this oiljust take cotton ball on your finger and apply the oil to youraffected tooth or gums and you can do this twice a day for bestresults.

If any of the above wisdom tooth pain remedy not works for you, taking ibuprofen medicine will help for few hours. But taking pain killers is not the solution to cure such problems, hence visit at your nearest dentist in Jamaica, NY who will check your teeth and recommend the right treatment to get permanent relief from such pain.

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