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Election 2019

How to Check Name in Voter List or How to Register Vote in India?



General Election 2019 in India is round the corner. And it is an obligation and important duty of every citizen of the country to cast the vote honestly to the right candidate for contributing towards the formation of a new government with stability.       

As we all know, to vote in the general elections or state legislature polls, you must have your election ID card which is also known as voter id card issued by state government authorities in their respective states. And your name also must be enrolled is the voter list.

Hence, you need to timely do the voter id check and find the voter list to search your name to avoid any hassle on the day of voting in your constituency. In respect of the same we brought guidance for you to know how to check voter list 2019 online and how to register as a voter online in India if your name is missing from the voters list.

Howto Check Your Name in Voter List Online? 

Tocheck your name on voter list you must have your voter id card with you so thatyou can use your correct name and voter id card number while searching suchdetails online. After getting this id card in your hand just the follow thesteps given below.

check your name in voter list online

Steps to Check Name inVoter List:

Step1: Open browser and visit (National Voters’ Service portal).

Step2: Now on the top left corner of thewebsite find ‘Search your name on the voters’ list”.

Step3: Click here and you will find two optionshere to search your name in voter list. Either “Search by details” or“Search by EPIC number”.

Step4: If search by the EPIC number’, youwill have to enter the EPIC number that you can find on your on the voter IDcard.

Step5: Fill all the details including acaptcha and click on the ‘Search’ button.

Step6: Now you can see all your detailsdisplayed below the search results.

Step7: If you not see anything means yourname is missing from election commission voter list.

Step8: While If you use the search option‘Search by details’, you need to fill all the required details like your name,age sex, data of birth and district/state name etc.

Step9: If your name appears below thesearch box means you can vote in your area. 

What to do if your nameis missing in voters list? 

However, if you not find your name while checking the voter list online you need to register your name again using the Form6 and submit online to Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the assembly constituency to include your name in the electoral as a voter. Similarly, there are different forms you need to fill like deletion in electoral roll, or make correction of entries in electoral roll or transpose your name within the assembly.         

How to Register as aVoter Online in India?

However,if you are looking to know how toregister to vote online, let me tell you for general election such mode ofvoting not followed in any country. And India is also now providing such facilityto register to vote online from anywhereinstead you need to visit at polling booth. However, you can register your nameonline to enroll your name for voting. And for that below you can find thevarious modes for registering as voter.   

How to Register as a Voter Online

Steps to Register as a Voter Online:

Step1: First of all open on your web browser.

Step2: Now find and click on ‘Online VoterRegistration’ tab given there.

Step3: Here you need to sign up to obtain ausername and password. 

Step4: Now upload one color photo of passport-sizein the space mentioned. 

Step5: Also upload the document as a proofof age and residence.

Step6: Now submit your application and youwill get an email of your updated application. 

Step7: You can also track your application request using the reference id.

Step8: Once your voter ID card is issued it will be sent you at your mailing address.

However, if you failed to register in voter list online you can sent it by post. Just download From-6 and fill the same with required details attached with copy of all the necessary documents as a proof and post it to voter’s center of your constituency. Or you can also submit the same with entire proofing document by hand to your nearest voter’s registration center.  

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1 Comment

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    This information is worth everyone’s attention. How can I find out more?

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