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How to Get Lifetime Free Credit Card?



Lifetime Free Credit Card

Thanks tolucrative discounted offers through credit cards at online shopping platformslike Amazon and Flipkart, the demand for such plastic money creditability ishighly in demand. These online retailers provide multiple benefits to creditcard holders like instant discounts, no-cost EMI, extra reward points and otherbenefits.

And these ecommerce retailers also have tie-ups with leading banks having market leadership in credit card market. HDFC, SBI and ICICI are the top banks that usually give such discounted offers through various online platforms. And this has become one of the best banking practices among the bankers to connect with new customers. If you have the credit card you can enjoy the benefits but if you don’t have you can apply for that online.

Whatis the Meaning of Lifetime Free Credit Card?

Getting thecredit card is not a difficult if you have regular source of income or havinghefty amount of transaction through your bank account. However, you need to paycertain amount of joining and annual fee for using the credit card for everyyear. The fee charges starts from few hundred bucks to thousand rupees, so makesure if you are ready to pay the annual charges choose the right card thatoffers maximum benefits.

Though,after spending certain amount by purchasing or paying bills and making paymentsat merchants you can get waiver as per the policy of different banks wavierlimits depending upon the types and category of credit cards allowing such waivers.

However, if you are not interested to pay such annual charges you can get lifetime free credit card, using that don’t need to pay any changes even if you not do the regular purchasing or not paying bills or not spending at online merchants.  

How to Get Best Credit Cards with No Annual Fee?

Apart fromfew leading banks, many moneylender and finance companies are giving the no interest credit cards – means that have no joiningfees and not to pay any annual charges. Apart from foreign banks like HSBC, StandardChartered and Citibank,Indian bankers like ICICI and IndusindBank also offers credit cards have no annual fees.

SBIand HDFC Not Offer Any Lifetime FreeCredit Card  

While on the other hand domestic moneylender giants like HDFC and SBI have issued highest number of credits cards and captured the higher number of market share in credit card market in India. These cards also come with maximum number of bank offers at online ecommerce sites to provide the maximum benefits to their customers.   

However, ifyou want to use the cards of any of these banks you can get the annual fee waiverby achieving the minimum spending limit in a year and enjoy card charges-free onlineshopping. But if you want to get a well-known bank’s best no annual fee credit cards you can apply for ICICI Bank’scredit card that really not charges any fee.

Applyfor ICICI Bank Credit Card No Annual Fee

ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card is the only credit card offered by ICICI Bank with no joining fee and no annual charges. Apart from this, you will also get privilege of Rs 100 discount on up to 2 movie tickets per month at

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card Offers &Benefits:

  • It has built-in contactless technology to make quick and secure payments at retail outlets
  • The security of a chip card to protect you against the risk of any kind of fraud.
  • On every purchase you will get PAYBACK Points, redeemable for exciting gifts and vouchers.
  • It also offers Fuel surcharge waiver.
  • Using this card you will also get minimum 15% savings on dining at over 800 restaurants courtesy our Culinary Treats program.

Howto Apply ICICI Bank Credit Card?

This card comes with chip and pin card acceptable at all merchants including international markets.  And there are various options to apply for ICICI bank credit cards. Either you can visit at any nearest branch of ICICI bank to directly apply from there or you can also call the customer care of this bank to ask for an executive visit.

The customer care executive will tell you what are documents required and he will also arrange for you to collect the document and apply for this card. The best way to apply for such credit cards is apply online and you can click here apply icici bank credit card and enjoy the free credit card facility without paying any additional charges.

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1 Comment

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