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Pay Per Click – What is it and How Does it Work?



What is PPC

The rise of online searching over the past years has encouraged searching service providers to advertise as per the searching trend and history on web pages across the world. Search engine players are taking advantage of showing results of queries typed in the search box.

Search service provider shows leading websites having best page ranks and visited most of the time with the respective keywords or phrases. This is called organic results and along with sponsored links also visible on the first page as per the topic sought in the search box.

What is PPC?

These links are called PPC or pay per click which is sponsored by the advertisers to attract visitors directly to their website with the intention to convert them into a profitable customer. It is a method of online marketing that is paid by the advertiser for every time an ad sponsored by him is clicked to land on a predefined web page.

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Basically, you can say it is buying of clicks to visit on your website compare to attract visitors organically which allows opportunity earn from such ads.

This online paid advertisement has become one of the prime sources for advertisements helping business owners to generate online traffic directly through web search engines.

Websites who cannot attain page rank itself on the first page of a search engine or looking for huge traffic in the shortest time period, it is the best digital marketing practice to promote their business online and generate higher revenue growth.

How PPC Works?

PPC works on the researched keywords which are used at the time of bids and later for running the campaign. The bid rates are defined as per the demand and competitiveness on a search engine. Ads with maximum bids with the highest quality score appear on the top.

The visibility of your ad depends on the type of keyword and relevancy you choose for a particular website. Although, there are many factors that control the ads circulation.

Types of PPC Ads

Actually, there are two types of PPC Ads – Search PPC and Display PPC, both shows online ads but their visibility and location are different from each other. The first one is simply a type of advertisement linked with targeted landing page shown on the top or side of the search engine results page as per the bid rates and quality score.

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Conversely, display PPC is shown on other sites or web pages as per the searchers searching or reading the history of a particular topic or keyword. And many times such ads are shown regularly on a particular type of website offering news, info and contents in a particular field.


Search engines like Google provide complete guidance and PPC planning tools to choose keywords with estimated traffic within your budget. Besides, organic techniques of online marketing would be the key generator for producing online traffic with useful leads.

But to maximize the returns and make the entire PPC ad successful you should work with experts who have experience and can convert your spending into revenue earnings.

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Digital Marketing

SEO vs PPC: Which One is Better for Your Business?



seo vs ppc which is better

SEO and PPC both are popular online promotion techniques applied by the site owners as per their business perspective and affordability. But there is an important question arises that, which one is suitable or better for your business, as some experts say, paid PPC ads are better while other say slow and steady organic optimization process called SEO is better for every business owner to promote the business online.

There are few grounds and genuine rationales you can use to differentiate SEO and PPC. The first one, which is a natural listing process, is the practice of brining your website on top pages with ethical approach using certain targeted keywords and modifying or structuring the whole website as per the search engines criterion and organic optimization principles.

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Whereas, PPC is conversely a paid form of advertisement used with few keywords to run on desired web pages including search engine and other online pages like websites, blogs and online portals. However, both work on search engines but have different approach to run, so lets find out PPC or SEO which is better for your business.

Factors for SEO vs PPC Comparison – Which is Better?

seo vs ppc

Time Duration

PPC can show results instantly while SEO will give you outcomes after few months. Your website visibility starts instantly under paid search as soon as you initiate campaign. But it will run till you have sufficient budget in terms of credit you buy to run the campaign.

But in SEO, once you attain visibility it remains for longer time and every new visitor’s hit make it more popular and helps to sustain the ranking with little efforts and organic promotional activities.

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What is Your Budget?

To run PPC campaign, a sufficient amount of money is required otherwise you can’t use it for long time period. Where, if you have limited budget or you can spend gradually SEO is best option with negligible amount of money required with several activities performed time-to-time. Buy if you have ample amount of money to spend you can choose sponsored click option like PPC that will give you quick results.

Type of Business Module

If you are into seasonal business offering and your product or services demand fluctuate with the change of season then you should go with PPC that will help you to attract huge traffic with instant results. Hotels at hill stations, new real estate projects launch or limited time period offers all can be effectively promoted with PPC.

However, if you are more cautious to list your website on top pages or want to build a brand among audience then SEO is the right option can you give the encouraging results.

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Ease of Applicability

SEO is a long-term and more comprehensive process requires lots of online and offline activities to make it successful and conversely running a PPC campaign is also not so easy for everyone. Both techniques require extra knowledge and skills to get best results at low cost. While PPC can be managed by single person but for SEO you need team of digitial marketing with experts like SEO esecutive and content writer.

Final Conclusion

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages as per the different business perspective and affordability, but you have to choose the suitable one as per your feasibility. PPC is the quickest way to promote your website with huge visitor’s traffic at high cost. But lack of search engine knowledge your PPC budget will be exhaust without any result.

Similarly, SEO also involves several process followed over a period of time with strategic approach. It is a time taking process and generates leads or show results in long time period but will give quality leads with sustainable results.

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And if you have introduced your website recently then its existence on web pages will be far away and there will be lots of fluctuations in ranking during initial months. But a good SEO practice, not only optimize ranking but also helps to minimize the cost of PPC with high quality score in the eyes of search engine.

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