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5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side to Stay Healthy



why sleep on your left side5

Sleeping is one of the best satisfying activity you always love to enjoy in your daily life. It not only gives you physical rest but also provides relaxation to your mind. But lying down on your bed doesn’t mean you get the sound sleep, as the right sleeping position is an important factor you need to know and follow in your daily lifestyle.

As per the Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system, best position of side of sleeping is on the left side that is not only good for your intestine but also has multiple other health benefits. Here, we brought the incredible health benefits of sleeping on your left side and how sleeping on the left side after eating could be helpful for your digestive system.

Top Five Health Benefits of Sleeping on Left Side

Health Benefits of Sleeping on Left Side

#1 Improves Digestion System

Do you know lying on left side improves digestion and keep your digestive system strong with long-term effects?  Actually, our stomach sits to the left side of the abdomen and when you lie down on your left side, it allows food to pass into the large intestine more easily.

digestive system sleeping on left side

Moreover, it also keeps the stomach from lying on top of the pancreas that allows the free flow of digestive enzymes and at the same time also support gravity allowing the food waste to move more easily from the small intestine into the large intestine.

#2 Prevent Heartburn and Acid Reflux

People having chronic heartburn or acid reflux problem need to be very careful while sleeping in the wrong position. As per the several research and studies sleeping on the right side intensifies the heartburn, while sleeping on the left side calm it.    

Let me make this clearer how it works, actually sleeping on the right side relaxes the lower Esophageal sphincter, between the stomach and the Esophagus , while sleeping on the left-side keeps the confluence between esophagus and stomach above the level of gastric acid helps you prevent from heartburn or acid reflux related problems.

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#3 Prevents Snoring or Sleep APNEA

The other benefits of sleeping on left side are it prevents making noise from snoring that comes out from nose and mouth due to improper breathing. While sleeping on your back pushes these muscles to the back of your throat making it difficult for you to breath.

sleeping left side snoring

Sleeping on your side keeps your tongue from falling into your throat and partially blocking your airway. And sleeping on the left side keeps your tongue and throat in a neutral position that allows clear airways allowing you to breathe properly and prevent from Sleep APNEA.

#4 Good to Keep Your Heart Healthy

As we all know our heart is placed on the left side so it’s better to sleep on the left side and facilitate a smoother flow of blood towards the heart supported by force of gravity. It will also reduce some burden of your heart and also give rest to your entire body.

sleeping left side for good for heart

Actually, when you sleep on the left side your aorta carries blood from the heart to other part of your body, and it vault to the left as it initiates its route and when you lay down it is pointed down, the heart has to do less work to get the blood moving forward.

#5 Ideally Beneficial for Pregnant Women

As we know the body of a pregnant woman circulates blood for two bodies, and it requires a greater blood volume to flow for both of them. And sleeping on left side during pregnancy increase the flow of blood to the uterus, kidneys, and fetus that helps to relieve pressure on the back and keeps the uterus from squeezing the liver.

As growing fetus also keep expanding the uterus and puts pressure on the backbone and other organs. And lying on the left side keeps blood circulating freely and reduce the pressure of the baby on mother’s spine and also helps in the smooth flow of nutrients to the placenta to keep the health of the baby in good condition. This is the reason why sleep on left side when pregnant as such women spend most of their time sleeping.

Watch Video Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side

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What Happens If We Skip Breakfast: Effects of Skipping Breakfast



effects of not eating breakfast

Having the meal multiple times a day doesn’t mean you are taking the right diet keeping your body healthy. There are many people who avoid eating at nights to control their weight, while many of them skip breakfast that means ‘breaking the fast’ from the time you’ve spent asleep throughout the night which is not good for your health.

Skipping meals at night could be helpful in controlling your weight but do you know what happens if we skip breakfast? It could badly affect your health, as after night meal there is a huge gap in the next nutrition. And next day your body needs food to restart your day with energy that can come only with food. So right here we have discussed what happens when you skip breakfast and the side effects of not eating breakfast.

Top Five Disadvantages of Not Eating Breakfast Regularly

disadvantages of skipping breakfast

Your Body’s Metabolism Slowdowns

When you skip breakfast or meals in the morning your body starts conserving fuel resulting stops working fast. To compensate for restricted calorie your body slows it’s basal metabolic and as per the doctors, in the morning your metabolism is already at the lowest level due to sleep over the night, so you need food to balance the same.

skipping breakfast slow metabolism

Just like polar bears hibernation, when you skip meals or fast for a too long time, your body goes into protection mode and starts storing as many as calories it can. And when your body’s metabolism slowdowns it can use glucose stored into your muscles as backup fuel source means affecting you or you can say wasting your muscles.

Blood Sugar Level Starts Dropping

There is a strong correlation between food intake and blood sugar fluctuation. Hence, if you skip breakfast it will affect your blood sugar levels that starts gradually falling due to hunger resulting bring down your energy levels throughout the day.

skipping breakfast low blood sugar

Actually, eating in the morning restores the glycogen and stabilize the levels of insulin in your body. And skipping the breakfast means you are ignoring and not replenishing your glucose levels in the morning that will make you feel fatigued and unfit for the entire day.

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Empty Stomach Increases Acid Levels

One of the most common disadvantages of skipping breakfast is that acid level in the body starts increasing making you feel acidity or heartburn. Actually, our body is mechanized to release acid in the stomach that helps to digest the food we eat and it also occurs when our body feels hungry and needs food to get processed.

skipping breakfast cause acidity

And skipping breakfast means this acid does not get any kind of food substance to process it starts surging up to the wall of the stomach areas including food pipe and heart that leads to an acidity that can become heart burning problem in the long term.

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Cortisol and Stress Hormones Increases

Cortisol is a kind of stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands that also get affected if you skip your breakfast. Actually, Cortisol has many functions including helping the body use sugar in the form of glucose and fat for energy and managing the stress.

skipping breakfast and stress

And as per the research, women who skip breakfast had higher cortisol levels which is at the highest level in the morning, so it is important to eat something or take breakfast to bring down the cortisol levels that trigger the anxiety and can make your nights sleepless.

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Higher Chances of Stones in Gallbladder

This could be one of the worst disadvantages of skipping breakfast. As per the research and studies, people who skip breakfast regularly for many years having higher chances of gallbladder stones especially overweight people over 40 years old.

skip breakfast gallstones

Concretely, when you stop eating breakfast, you gallbladder stops shrinking or expanding that causes the bile to build up in the gallbladder, leading to high cholesterol and calcium levels in the body. Few years back surgeons in China removed more than 200 stones from a woman’s body because she had regularly skipped breakfast for more than a decade.

Hence, always eat something in the morning to keep yourself energetic and healthy. If you don’t feel hungry in the morning, take a low-calorie diet in the night and do some workouts in the morning that will make you exhausted and hungry. Otherwise, such bad habits have long-term effects that can cause major health problems at a later stage of life.

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How To Check Your Fitness Level And Health At Home?




Everyone thinks he/she is fit and healthy until and unless falls ill or becomes unfit while performing several activities. It is not necessary that if you are taking healthy diet and don’t have any health issues means you are fit, you need to check your health regularly.

To check your fitness or health you don’t need to visit a doctor or do the test at hospitals you can do it yourself at your home. And to know how to check whether you are healthy you can follow the simple four steps given below and check your fitness level anywhere.

4 Steps To Check Your Health At Home

Check Your Health

#1 Do the Chair Test 10 Times

chair test for fitness

To perform this test, sit on a chair and then stand for 10 times repeatedly and also check with a stopwatch how much time you took while completing this task. As per the research and studies, young people who can do this task in 21 seconds or in less time have higher chances of survival compared to people who took a longer time to finish. If you have strength, good lower-body muscle strength, balance and coordination with fit cardiorespiratory, you can complete this task within that time.

Watch How to Do Chair Test and Truth About Chair Test

#2 Balance Yourself on One Leg

balancing on one leg test

It sounds crazy, but if you can balance yourself on one leg, means you have a healthy brain. To do that just stand on one leg and balance your body weight for 60 seconds. If you are not able to stand for 20 seconds, it indicates, your body is at risk of developing brain-related issues. As per the research and studies, around 30 percent of older adults who could not stand in this position for 20 seconds had microbleeds in the brain. And this micro bleeding problem indicates the brain-related bigger issues in the near future.

#3 Sit on the Floor and Touch Your Toes

touch your toes fitness test

Just sit on the floor, keep your leg fully stretched on the front side and try to touch your toes. If you fail to complete this task, means you are a risk of developing cardiovascular problems. As per the researchers in the University of North Texas, a flexible body indicates flexible arteries. And if your arteries are inflexible because of inactivity due to your lifestyle habits affecting your heart to work harder to pump blood putting you at risk of heart-related issues.

#4 How Quickly You Can Walk on the Stairs?

stair climbing fitness test

If you can climb on the stairs without a break means your body can avoid early stage death. As per the research and studies conducted at University Hospital Coruña in Galicia, an individual healthy person can do this task in a minute without any pause. While on the other hand, people who struggle to complete this task are at three times higher risk to die due to heart-related issues and twice at the risk of dying from deadly disease like cancer.

Use Wearable Devices for Daily Health Monitoring

health monitoring wearable devices

So, what are you waiting for, just try these simple steps and check whether you are fit or not? If you are not able to complete these tests visit at Doctor for a complete health checkup. You can also use fitness wearable devices to monitor your health and daily body activities.

The wearable technology for fitness gathers your data to use in healthcare training data to develop AI-enabled apps and systems that will again help you to keep tracking your fitness level through alerts and suggestions through such devices and help you to stay healthy by monitoring your daily activity and health conditions for a healthy life.

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What Causes A Baby To Stop Growing In The Womb During Pregnancy?



Baby Not Growing in the Womb

After getting married, becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experience for a woman. Though, few of them get this experience without any major treatment or care while few women manage to conceive after getting treatments. And carrying such babies in the womb for nine months and delivering safely is a challenging task for every woman.

Actually, sometimes few babies not grow properly or mother face some kind of complications that leads to miscarriage or abortion causing the physical as well mental agony to mother and other family members who are waiting of the baby. Baby not growing in womb first trimester or later weeks have many reasons let us know top ones.

Top Reasons Why Baby Not Growing in the Womb

Reasons for Baby Not Growing in Womb

Actually, when a baby growth stops in the womb its call Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), also known as fetal growth restriction (FGR). IUGR is a kind of condition in which an unborn baby is smaller than normal size during that phase of pregnancy. And delayed growth puts the baby at risk of low weight birth or if not cured timely death of the baby.

Apart from mental, fetal, placental or uterine, there are multiple reasons baby not growing in womb first trimester like unhealthy diets, excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol or smoking. So let find out what are the major causes baby stops growing in the womb.

Poor Eating Habits and Lifestyle of Mother

The most prominent reasons baby stops growing in womb is a poor lifestyle and eating habits of the mother. As per the research, lack of proper nutrition like vitamins or folic acid, drug misuse, smoking, alcohol consumption and improper sleep or rest stops fetal growth.

Poor Eating Habits

A pregnant woman needs to keep in touch with doctors to get the list of right nutrition or health supplements and foods should be taken or avoided during the pregnancy. The diets can be different at initial stage compare to a baby stops growing in womb at 37 weeks.

Pre-eclampsia or Higher Blood Sugar Levels

Pre-eclampsia is a kind of disorder in pregnancy which is also called pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) or Gestational hypertension that causes the veins to compress affecting the growth of the fetal because of restricted blood flow to the placenta.

high blood sugar during pregnancy

This process directly affects the supply level of oxygen to the baby and also decrease the supply of other essential supplements to womb resulting in the slow growth of babies.

Low Level of Amniotic Fluids in Womb

An optimum Amniotic Fluid is very important or you can say protective liquid for fetal growth in a womb. If the level of amniotic fluid falls below the normal it causes problems like slow growth of baby or complications to mother in sever conditions death of fetal.

amniotic fluid in womb

The various reasons behind the low amniotic fluid could be like a mother taking excessive or unsuitable medicines, health conditions of the mother, rapture in amniotic sac, placenta abruption or low consumption of water or other liquids by mother etc.

Umbilical Cord or Placental Abnormalities

Umbilical cord is a long tube connects the fetus or baby with the placenta of the mother for supplying oxygen and other important nutrients. Basically, the umbilical line typically contains two umbilical arteries, one of them carry blood from placenta to unborn child. And any kind of abnormalities like single artery causes the slow growth of the fetus.

umbilical cord and placenta problems

Similarly, the placenta is also an important part of womb works as oxygen supplier and nutrients provider from to mother to fetus. Any kind of inefficiency or placental insufficiency leads to an inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients resulting in slow fetus growth.

Multiple Pregnancies or Bacterial Infections

If a woman is pregnant with two or more babies the fetus growth is affected due to insufficient supply of nutrients from the single placenta to multiple fetuses in the same womb. Therefore, mother with twins or more babies has higher chances of pre-eclampsia.

multiple babies in the womb

The number of babies growing in the mother’s womb can be identified at the initial stage of pregnancies but with accurate medical imagining data through advance ultrasound or body scanning machines can detect the right conditions of the human body.

Similarly, if fetus is exposed to the infections like syphilis (sexually transmitted bacterial infections), cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis or rubella also called german measles passed through mother also make fetus weak to grow properly.

Chromosomal Abnormalities in Pregnancy

Chromosomal Abnormalities in Pregnancy is one of the another reason, baby growth in womb stops . Actually, it is a kind of disorder or missing, extra, or irregular portion of chromosomal DNA comes from parents affects the growth of babies or causes birth defects.

chromosomal abnormalities

Chromosome disorder is a kind of abnormal condition due to something unusual in an individual’s chromosomes which can be caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21 or presence of only a single sex chromosome causing such abnormalities.

How to Prevent IUGR or Cure Slow Fetal Growth?

Few causes of IUGR are uncontrollable or little you can do, especially if diagnosed at later stage of pregnancies. The only best way to prevent slow fetal growth is visit at your doctor regularly and get the checkup or ultrasound of baby at regular intervals. But baby not growing in womb first trimester becomes difficult to prevent.

How to Prevent IUGR

And to avoid slow fetus growth try to live a healthy life stay away from smoking, alcohol, stress, get adequate sleep and rest while keeping your diet balanced and nutritious for a healthy lifestyle that will also help you avoid complications during pregnancies.


Though, owing to speedy growth in new technology like AI in radiology the health conditions and diseases are becoming easier to diagnosis at initial stage allowing the doctors take preventive actions and avoid the complications to patients or such pregnant ladies.

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AI and machine learning are nowadays are playing a crucial role in healthcare like diagnosing the various types of illness through medical imaging and helping doctors to provide timely and better medical treatment and care facilities to everyone.

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