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How to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse Naturally: 5 Simple Ways



How to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse

Cavity in a tooth is the prime reason behind the teeth related to most of the problems in human life. However, the normal cavity level is visible in most of the middle-age people globally who don’t care about their health and enjoy their life in eating.

Actually, a normal cavity keeps increasing if you don’t care about your teeth like bad eating habits, irregular brushing and eating high sugary foods, especially at the night before the sleep, that is the major cause of cavity growth.

However, if the cavity is getting bigger and not cured timely it can eat enamel and permanently damage your teeth. And if you do not know how to stop a cavity from getting worse naturally, you can find here a few tips by experts.

Five Natural Ways to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse

#1 Brush Your Teeth and Clean The Spots

When your teeth have small pits and food keeps sticking there for the longer time period, bacteria attacks there and that teeth become the victim of the cavity. Hence, you need to regularly brush your teeth, especially the affected area or such spots.

Use the soft bristle toothbrush and always genitally rub your teeth. And you can also use an electric brush that automatically rotates the bristle in your mouth is more helpful and effective in cleaning the teeth without damaging your gums.

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#2 Drink Plenty Of Water Regularly

Dry mouth is the favorite home of bacteria. Hence, you need to keep your mouth hydrated that flush such bacteria into your stomach preventing your teeth from attacks. Our stomach food digestion acid is enough to kill such bacteria.

However, it is not necessary to keep drinking tan unlimited amount of water, so you can also keep flushing your mouth with water to keep such bacteria away from your mouth. As unnecessary intake of water is also not good for your health.

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#3 Cut Down Sugary Foods Intake

Eating the high containing sugar foods at regular intervals are leading causes behind the cavity growth. Actually, sugar mixes with saliva and other chemicals in your mouth create a kind of acid that eats the tooth enamel causing cavities.

However, every time when you eat sugary foods, make sure to rinse your mouth immediately properly with water. And before nights going to sleep always brush your teeth if you have taken sugary food, sugar-friendly bacteria attack mostly at night when you fall asleep and your mouth and tongue relaxing.

#4 Use Salty Water to Clean Your Mouth

Another natural way to keep your mouth free from the cavity is rinsing your mouth thoroughly with clean salty water that works as a natural antiseptic and kills bacteria. Saltwater creates a saline environment in your mouth and prevents from the cavity.

Actually, a saline environment is unconducive for the habitation of bacteria and also stops the further progress of such bacteria to stop cavity growth. And compare to adults young people eat more, inviting cavity that becomes painful for them.

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#5 Consult with Dentist Near You Immediately

If natural ways to prevent cavity growth is not working for you, then visit at best dentist in New York or near your city to consult a dentist who will cure it. As, cavity getting worse will pain a lot and can permanently damage your teeth.

So, visit right now at the dentist clinic and get a complete diagnosis of your mouth to get the right treatment for preventing cavity growth. And if the situation is critical and cavity in your mouth becomes bigger you need to opt for the root canal treatment disadvantages.

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Artificial Intelligence

How AI Can Detect Low Sugar Level in Humans Without Blood Sample?



AI Detect Low Sugar Levels

AI in healthcare is strengthening its presence with new capabilities to diagnosis the health conditions of people with an acceptable level of accuracy. Recently we have shared post explains how does Google AI detect breast cancer better than radiologists.

And now, a new study came out in which researchers developed a new AI-based technique that can detect the low sugar levels from raw ECG signals using the wearable sensors without any fingerpicking test or taking the blood samples.

Currently, apart from giving the blood samples at diagnosis centers, diabetic people use to measure glucose using the needles at their home with repeated fingerpicks over the day. This is a painful process deterring patient compliance.

Check sugare levels

But now a new technique developed by researchers at the University of Warwick works with an 82% accuracy, could be the best option for invasive finger-prick testing with a needle, especially for kids who are afraid of needles fingerpicking.

How AI Detect Low Sugar Levels or Hypoglycemia?

The University of Warwick researchers examined how ECG readings changed during a hypoglycaemic event, when blood sugar levels fall below four millimoles per litre. And they then used the AI system to recognize low levels compared to normal readings. 

As per Dr Leandro Pecchia, from Warwick’s School of Engineering, the AI model has been trained to detect such hypoglycaemia via few ECG beats. This is possible as ECG can be detected in any circumstance, even while sleeping.

Dr. Leandro Pecchia with the new technology 

How AI is Trained to Detect Sugar Level in Humans?

The study is also explained how the AI was trained on the specific patterns of individual patients rather than on cohort data. This is because the ECG signals that correspond to hypoglycaemic events are different for each patient.

ECG checking sugar levels
ECG changes between two subjects: Image Source

The figure shows the output of the algorithms over time – the green line represents normal glucose levels, while the red line represents the low glucose levels.

However, this makes difficult, or almost impossible to develop a single AI algorithm that could be rolled out for all patients. However, this may restrict the technology to some degree but allow more tailored treatment of individual patients based on their personal ECG data.

This result is possible because the Warwick AI model is trained with each subject’s own data. Intersubjective differences are so significant, that training the system using cohort data would not give the same results. Likewise, personalized therapy based on our system could be more effective than current approaches.

However, more precise and magnitude of training data will help the AI model learn to detect with more variations while diagnosing such diseases. Getting healthcare training data is crucial for AI engineers to develop such models that can detect the various types of diseases among humans.

To avoid diabetes and keep your body fit, make sure to do some workouts and regular exercise and control your sugar intake. A high or low sugar levels both are dangerous for health and if not cured with precautions, it can become life-threatening diseases.       

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Why it is important for diabetes patients to check their glucose levels regularly?

Diabetes is a serious life-long condition that occurs when the amount of sugar in the blood is too high because the body can’t use it properly. Patients have to regularly monitor their glucose levels to prevent them from developing any potentially fatal complications.

why check glucose levels

Type 1 diabetes patients are often recommended to test their blood sugar at least four times a day. For type 2 patients, doctors advise testing twice a day. Blood glucose levels should be between the ranges of 3.5–5.5 mmol/L before meals and less than 8 mmol/L, two hours after meals.

What is Hypoglycemia and How it is Dangerous for you?

Hypoglycemia (when blood sugar drops below 4 mmol/L) can occasionally lead to patients falling into comas in severe cases. However, it most often can be treated through eating or drinking 15-20g of fast-acting carbohydrate, such 200 ml of Lucozade Energy Original.

hypoglycemia symptoms

Sufferers can tell they are experiencing a hypo when they suddenly feel tired, have difficulty concentrating or feel dizzy. Type 1 diabetes patients are more likely to experience a hypo, because of the medications they take, including insulin.

Hyperglycemia (when blood sugar is above 11.0 mmol/L two hours after a meal) can also have life-threatening complications. It happens when the body either has too little insulin, seen in type 1,or it can’t use its supply properly, most often in type 2.

In the short-term, it can lead to conditions including ketoacidosis – which causes ketones to be released into the body.  If left untreated, hyperglycemia can lead to long-term complications, such as impotence and amputations of limbs.

Regular exercise can help to lower blood sugar levels over time, and following a healthy diet and proper meal planning can also avoid dangerous spikes.  


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How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter With Braces: 5 Ways for White Teeth



How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter With Braces

If you are using the braces to straighten your teeth structure, you will notice that after completion of treatment, your teeth get the two-toned shades. It happens due to braces are attached to your teeth and cover it for many days.

And when the braces process gets finished and you remove the braces, your teeth become two shaded with a mix of white and pale making your feel embarrassed at public places, while smiling or biting a food at restaurants.

Actually, if you have braces into your mouth it becomes difficult to clean the teeth that make it pale, esoterically over a time period due to covered area. But here we brought few best ways to get whiter teeth with braces on in your mouth.

Five Best Ways to Keep Teeth White with Braces

Ways to Keep Teeth White with Braces

#1 Use A Good Quality Toothbrush

Teeth with braces need to use the best quality toothbrush like soft-bristle or electric brush that can rotate to cover most of the area and clean your teeth. And also make sure to brush your tooth two times in the morning and at night.

Quality Toothbrus for white teeth

Avoid using the hard bristle or low-quality brush, it can damage your braces or disturb the alignment on your teeth making difficult for you to complete the orthodontic treatment successfully. So, the right brushing is very important.     

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#2 Use A Non-Whitening or Fluoride Toothpaste

Teeth covered with braces need to be brushed with right toothpaste, like non-abrasive and don’t contain whitening ingredients. Actually, using the white toothpaste with braces means only the visible areas are cleaned during brushing.

Fluoride Toothpaste for white teeth

So, use the fluoride toothpaste that contains the natural minerals to keep your enamel strong and also prevent teeth from cavities. Such toothpaste is also helpful in keeping your teeth healthy and free from gums and bacteria.

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#3 Use Orthodontic Flossers or Floss Threaders

Maybe you are using the regular dental floss, but if you have braces,  orthodontic flossers and floss threaders are the best options to clean teeth. And there are many oral mouth care companies manufacture especially designed specifically to work with braces and a floss threader threads the floss under your mouth.

use Orthodontic Flossers for white teeth

To floss, your teeth use flosser and go up and down the side of one tooth and then up the side of the adjacent tooth before moving on to the next pair of teeth. And make sure also floss your molar tooth, especially at the back where difficult to brush.  

#4 Go for Fluoride Mouthwash

If you have worn braces, your teeth are highly prone to cavities, as the food and fibers can easily stick under the braces or between the two teeth. Here, you can use an oral hygiene routine with a fluoride mouthwash for extra protection.

Fluoride Mouthwash for white teeth

There are many teeth whitening mouth was available in the market, but make sure to use the non-alcoholic as, such spirituous mouthwashes can cause dry mouth, which creates an environment where bacteria and plaque thrive faster. 

#5 Water Flosser is also Good Option

Apart from above, you can also use the waterpik or other water flossers to clean your teeth without disturbing your braces. A water flosser can reach at hard-to-reach place including around your gum line making it clean with white teeth.

use Water Flosser for white teeht

Water flosser can be a good option but for regular flossing you should go for Orthodontic Flossers that can give the long-lasting results. However, you can have a water flosser at your home anytime, instead of going outside.  

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If you use any of the above methods you can keep your teeth whiter with braces without disturbing its alignment. However, you can also visit at dentist in New York and get cleaned your teeth by the professional dentist.

You can also visit your dentist, from where you go installed your braces. Your dentist will understand better how to clean teeth during orthodontic treatment. And these teeth specialist doctors can also help to cure dental related various other problems.

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What To Eat And Drink After Tooth Extraction: Removal Precautions



Tooth on the verge of permanent damage due to cavity or age factor should be removed to avoid pain and major infections. Long term cavity eats the entire teeth from the inside and makes it hollow. However, to avoid such problems you can stop a cavity from getting worse naturally and you should get your teeth cleaned by dentist.

But you need to be very careful and take precautions after tooth extraction, especially molars which are strongly stuck to the roots make you feel lots of pain at the time of extraction and few days even after removing the teeth. Hence, here you can find what to eat with useful precautions to avoid pain and recover timely.

Consume Only Liquid Foods

After tooth extraction, a doctor will suggest you if possible take only liquid items. It will not only help you to avoid chewing the hard food items but also provide easy digestion as improper chewed foods will take time to get fully digest. So, you can take cold-drinks, juice, cold milk, coffee and tea or other items in the liquid state.

Take Ice-cream or Cool Fluids

Taking cold food items or liquids have another advantage. Ice cream will not only give you relief from discomfort from pain but also provide the cooling sensation in your mouth and affected area. You can also intake other cold items that you don’t need to chew and cold liquid juice is one of the best items you can eat.

Enjoy Blended Soup or Applesauce

If you want to recover soon and don’t want to compromise with your diet during such dental surgery, you can take blended soup made from various vitamin and calcium-rich foods. You can easily consume it without chewing avoiding any kind of pressure on your teeth. Applesauce is one of the best food you can enjoy after tooth extraction.

Consume Vitamin Rich Foods

To recover from teeth and gums pain take vitamin-rich foods. Dark leafy greens, fish, seeds, broccoli, mushrooms, nuts, eggs, sweet bell peppers, avocados, peas, winter squash, and fruits are the vitamin-rich. But again make sure eat only items like liquid foods or cold items not hurting your teeth but good for your health.

What To Avoid After Tooth Extraction?

Not only eating the right food items but you also need to take precautions after tooth extraction and avoid various things to minimize the pain and recover timely. Don’t take any solid food or extra crunchy foods such as chips and hard pretzels.

Eating hard foods can cause swollen gums near the removed tooth. So you can find below the list of eatable items and what to avoid after tooth extraction.

  • Carbonated drinks, sodas & sparkling waters
  • Acidic fruits, like oranges and tomatoes
  • Hard seeds, nuts and popcorn
  • Difficult-to-chew the candies
  • Extra Spicy Foods and Hot Drinks

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Tooth extraction is a critical and time taking process, Dentist in New York City will also recommend you some antibiotics to cure the affected area.

However, taking precautions is also at the same time equally important to avoid any complications. And you can also go for root canal treatment but it also comes with various side-effects and not suitable for everyone.

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And you want to get an artificial teeth dentist also provides implant crowns services to install new teeth at this missing place. But make sure to wait for few months to get recovered the removed tooth area and become healthy for the next surgery.

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