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Top 5 Health Benefits of Eating Carrots Daily



Carrots are one of the best sources of vitamins and help to increase the blood levels in the body. Being a root vegetable, it also has high fiber that helps to improve your digestive system. Similarly, there are multiple other benefits of eating carrots you need to know and increase the consumption of this vegetable on a regular basis.

Apart from vitamins, minerals, and fiber it has various other benefits like it works as an anti-aging ingredient and also prevents heart diseases. Hence, here we brought what are the advantages of carrots in the body and how it helps to improve health and immunes our body to avoid various other diseases with long-term effects.

Improves Eyesight and Night Vision

Are carrots good for your eyes? Yes, Carrot is rich in beta-carotene supplements that are very beneficial for eyesight. Actually, beta-carotene contains in carrots after consuming converted into Vitamin A in the liver resulting transformation of Vitamin A in the retina, to rhodopsin, which is a purple pigment necessary for night vision.

Though, a carrot is a good source of Vitamin A and one cooked cup containing over 26,000 international units of the nutrient and nutritional value of carrots is helpful in solving the eyesight problems among the people globally if consumed regularly.

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Prevents from Life-threatening Diseases

As per the medical research and studies, carrot reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer including lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer and various other health problems like Cardiovascular or Alzheimer syndrome.

Actually, falcarinol and falcarindiol is a kind of natural pesticides produced by the carrot having the anticancer properties that protect its roots from fungal diseases. But make sure just like spinach, consuming carrots in cooked form can provide a better boost in antioxidants compared to carrot juice health benefits or raw carrots.   

Immune-Boosting Antioxidant for Healing

Apart from Vitamin A, carrot also has another immune-boosting antioxidant called vitamin C which helps in wound healing as it’s required for the production of collagen, the main protein found in our skin and connective tissues.

While on the other hand, Vitamin A helps to regulate the release of immune cells in the gut, Vitamin C helps to prevent cell damage in the body and to fight off foreign viruses, bacteria and other various infections like common cold and cough.

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Healthy Skin with Anti-aging Properties

Vitamin A and antioxidants in carrot protect the skin from sun damage and also prevents premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, pigmentation, blemishes and uneven skin tone. In fact, substances like carotenoids in carrot give a red or yellow coloring to certain foods responsible for keeping your skin healthy that keeps glowing all the time.

While containing a high level of beta-carotene, it acts as antioxidant damaged cells in the body done through regular metabolism. These properties help slows down the aging of cells and keep you young for a long stage of your age with healthy skin. The water level in carrots and root based such vegetables also helps to keep skin to look healthy.

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Lowers Cholesterol and Keeps Heart Healthy

Do you know how much fiber in carrots? It is one the best source of dietary fiber that helps to bring down the cholesterol level in the body. Raw carrot is estimated to have only around 25 calories and high water content keeps heart healthy. 

The fiber in carrots brings downs the blood cholesterol by binding to bile acids, which are made of cholesterol, in the gastrointestinal tract and carrying them out of the body as waste resulting in cholesterol absorption and increases antioxidant action.

Adding more carrots into your regular diet will not only benefit your health but it will also add the taste into your food. If you think, cooking with foods kills nutritional value of carrots it’s wrong, as it is one of those veggies that can benefit if you consume it after cooking, even a cooked, pureed carrots have higher antioxidant ability than raw carrots.

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How Does Listening To Music Help Reduce Stress: Benefits of Music



how does listening to music help reduce stress

Stress is one the major cause of depression among people making difficult for them to live normal life. People overthinking about their personal problems, risks and difficulties in their professional life make them sick and eventually they become victim of stress.   

Reducing stress is important for you to handle the tough times in your personal as well as professional life. Apart from avoid overthinking about anything very seriously, there are various other measures you can try to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Listening music is one of them option helps to reduce stress at effective levels. As per the study and research music has a positive impact on our brain and it has encouraging effects on reducing the stress. Right here we will tell you how music affects your brain and helps to reduce stress with its health benefits and various aspects to relieve stress.

As Per Research Music Reduce Stress by 65%

As per the research, the participants were asked to solve puzzles that were likely to induce stress. They carried this activity while wearing sensors and they were made to listen to different songs to measure brain activity.

The researches continuously recorded their heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. Finally, it was concluded that when participants listened to a particular song their overall anxiety level reduced by 65% and their usual physiological resting rates came down by 35%.

Why Does Music Reduce Stress?

The carefully arranged tones of the music help to slow down the listener’s heart rate, reduce blood pressure and reduce the level of stress in the body. The song has made use of many musical principles that have a calming effect on the brain. By perfectly combining all these things, the composer came up with the perfect relaxing soundtrack.

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How Does Music Affect The Brain?

When you listen music connects with the automatic nervous system—brain function, blood pressure, and heartbeat—and the limbic system, where your feelings and emotions live.

If you feel threatened, your nervous system releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Listening to music can switch the stress response to “off” and help your mind and emotions recover from stress faster than they would without music.


Reduce Pain in your Body

As per the studies physical and emotional pain can be reduced simply by listening to music. While more research remains to prove exactly how this works, listening to calmer music that stimulates your brain has been shown time and time again to reduce the body’s pain, therefore, music has a unique impact on our minds that can help with pain management.

music reduce pain

Hand in hand with the point above, if you’re in pain, it’s also not uncommon to feel stressed, for the same reasons of not being able to do the things you want to do and the fact that you’re in pain. This could be both physical and emotional pain.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Both a symptom and a cause of high-stress levels are high-blood pressure. These high, stress-causing levels can be the result of several aspects, including lifestyle decisions, such as smoking or diet, or things that are out of your control, such as intense situations or arguments with other people.

music reduce blood pressure

When you’re feeling stressed out and as though your heart is pumping too fast, why not play some classical music or a genre of music that you find relaxing. This is sure to bring your heart rate down and get your blood pressure down to a normal speed.

Enhance Your Immune System

When you’re ill or feeling sick, it’s only natural that you’re going to feel stressed out about it. In addition to feeling unwell, it’s not uncommon to feel stressed out about the things that you’re missing or now don’t have time to do, such as running errands, going to work or spending time with your loved ones.

music immune system

However, it’s worth remembering that researchers have found that listening to music can actually boost your immune system and its internal functions. In fact, listening to just 50 minutes of dance music, of all music, can increase your body’s production of antibodies, helping you get better.

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Improves Memory & Concentration

Music is not only for kids or teenagers, but it is helpful even for old age people. Research showed that listening to classical music can help to improve memory in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Moreover, it can increase a person’s visual attention.

music improves memory

If you constantly feel stressed when you look at your in-tray or your to-do list and never seems to be getting any smaller, making you feel as though you’re stuck in a working rut? Listening music helps to improve the concentration and boost memory.  

Finally, we got to know, listening is not only helps to reduce stress, but it good for your overall health, especially to keep your brain free from stress and anxiety. And listening music you don’t need to take out specific time, you can enjoy the tunes workout, while commuting to office, walking or jogging, eating or at the time of doing household chores.      

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What are the Causes of Sensitive Teeth: 5 Reasons of Sensitivity?



causes of sensitive teeth

It could be challenging for you to eat cold, hot and sour foods or drinks if you feel sensitivity in your teeth or gums. And in some of the critical situations, you can even face a sensitivity problem while breathing cold air and brushing or rinsing your mouth.

However, these kinds of syndromes usually evident after the age of forty or above and there are many curing techniques to fight with such problems. Below you can read the most common causes of sensitive teeth or gums and some useful measures to relieve from it.

Top 5 Reason for Sensitive Teeth

#1 Due to Age Factor

Sensitivity problem is very common after a certain age and most of the people after their fourth or fifth decade of life face teething troubles. However, nowadays owing to many other environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle changes, folks at the young stage of life also facing teeth sensitivity problems.   

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#2 Hard or Excessive Brushing

As per a senior Dentist in Jamaica, if you regularly use a hard bristle brush for your teeth or do brush with excessive pressure, then your tooth enamel will be getting wear down and also cause your gums to become sensitive towards cold or hot foods or beverages.

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#3 Use of Teeth Whitening Products

To remove the yellowness in teeth, people use cosmetics made dental care or teeth whitening products containing harmful ingredients like baking soda, peroxide which can affect tooth nerves and can easily cause sensitivity problems especially if your teeth dentin is already exposed.

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#4 Due to Gum Related Problems

If you have gum related problems, then you can feel the sensitivity in your teeth. Actually, gum problems can cause a sensitivity problem in two ways – one it teeth decay and enamel breakdown which uncover the dentin and another is, an infection that affects the teeth roots and causes gums disease.   

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#5 Due to Past Dental Treatments

Sometimes dental procedures like root canal treatment, filling, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, crown & bridges can also cause sensitivity problems. So if you have earlier gone through such dental care and treatment process and now feeling sensitivity, you need to again visit at the same dentist to get the treatment for teeth sensitivity.

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All the above factors can be major causes of teeth sensitivity and if you are already facing it, then you can cure it with few preventive measures like – Brush gently & use of soft bristle brush, use toothpaste specially meant for sensitive teeth, and avoid excessive cold or hot and acidic foods like oranges, tomatoes & lemons.

However, at the initial stage of teeth sensitivity you can control such problems but for serious illness visit at the nearest dental care clinic and consult the doctor for complete medical treatment and cure. Here the dentist will recommend the best treatment for tooth sensitivity and if there is a major problem it will be cured and treated professionally with right dental procedures.

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Why Is It Bad to Drink Cold Water: Dangers of Drinking Cold Water



disadvantages of drinking cold water

In summers thirstiness level surges, and you drink lots of water. And most of the people look for cold water to drink that makes them feel more relaxed. And few of them, especially people living in urban areas use the refrigerated water.

But do you know drinking cold water is actually bad for your health. Especially, the cold water you take out from your fridge or from water cooler installed in your office. Yes, there are side effects of drinking cold water and you need to know them, when you should drink cold water and how to keep your drinking water cool naturally at home.     

Why is Cold Water Bad for You?

Actually, when you drink cold water your body struggles to maintain the optimal inner temperature (37°C) if the temperature of the water is extremely less. And, at the time of taking full meals don’t drink the cold water, as it neutralizes the gastritis level in your stomach, which usually becomes active when you start eating foods and helps in digestion. 

5 Disadvantages of Drinking Cold or Fridge Water

Disadvantages of Drinking Cold water

#1 Affects Digestive System

The worst disadvantage of drinking cold water is, it badly affects your digestive system. Actually, as per the experts, chilled water and even cold beverages contract your blood vessels and hinders the natural process of absorbing nutrients during digestion. 

drinking cold water Affects Digestive System

And, when you drink cold water, your body diverts its energy from digestion to regulating the body temperature of the water you drank. Drinking extra cold water diverts energy in regulating the body temperature that should have been originally used in the process of digestion and absorbing the important nutrients.    

#2 Leads to Constipation

As you got to know drinking cold water affects your digestive system and when your digestive system does not work properly, it leads to constipation. And if you drink lukewarm water in the morning if will help you to get rid of constipation.  

drinking cold water leads to constipation

Actually, when you drink cold water, it solidifies and hardens the food while passing through your intestine. Due to cold water intestine contracts and digested food converted into stool become hard leading the causes of constipation. 

#3 Slowdowns Heart Rate

Another disadvantage of drinking fridge water is, it slowdowns the heart rate. When you drink cold water, it supposedly stimulates the tenth cranial nerve which the vagus nerve. This nerve is a significant part of the body’s autonomous nervous system, and it mediates the lowering of heart rate.

cold water slowdowns heart rate

And when you drink the cold water, the low temperature of water stimulates the nerve to cause the heart rate to slow down below normal. But if you feel dehydrated, make sure drink plenty of water to keep your body regulated with enough fluid.          

#4 Headache & Migraine

As per the research and studies, women who had experienced one or more migraine attacks in the previous year were twice as likely to experience a headache from ingesting the cold water as women who had never suffered from migraines. 

drinking cold water Headache & Migraine

The research also reveals that headache caused by drinking cold water is more common in women compared to men. And the results indicate that active migraine facilitates the perception of forehead pain induced by a cold palatal stimulus.

#5 Teeth Sensitivity Problems

If your teeth are exposed to nerve roots or tooth decaying is reached at an extreme level you will feel a sensation of pain and discomfort when you drink cold water. You will also face teeth sensitivity problem, if your tooth enamel is exposed due to cavity.

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drinking cold water creates teeth sensitivity

Few people don’t realize such pain who doesn’t have teeth related any problem. But if your teeth are getting affected with bacteria or gone through the root canal treatment sooner or later will realize such pain in your teeth due to cold water.  

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When Should You Drink Cold Water?

Normally you should avoid drinking the cold water in regular ways, but there are certain situations drinking cold water is necessary and beneficial for your health. Though, there is no specific time but as per your activity and body conditions.  

When To Drink Cold Water:

  • When you workout or do exercise, cold water helps to control your body temperature.
  • When the outside temperature is extremely hot, like in mid-summers and you are stepping outside you should drink cold water before going out, it helps to prevent you from heatstroke.  
  • When you are running with high fever, along with putting the cold water soaked cloth on your forehead you should also drink cold water to bring down your body temperature.
  • If you want to lose weight, drinking cold water will help you, as it helps to burn an extra 70 calories each day, which is equal to fifteen minutes of walking.   

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There is no doubt drinking cold water is bad for your body, and warm water good for your health. Though, you can drink cold water when trying to bring your body’s core temperature down, such as when you’re exercising, when temperatures are high outside, or when you’re running a fever. But on normal days please avoid this.

And in summers you can’t live without drinking the fridge water, but you can use the clay picture that keeps the water cool naturally. It will also prevent you are suffering from a common cold that usually happens due to drinking refrigerated water.

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