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What Causes Grey Hair At A Young Age: Reasons for Premature Greying



What Causes Grey Hair At A Young Age

There was a time when hair greying started after middle-age or in old age. But nowadays gray hair at young age is becoming common among all genders making this one of the biggest health concern among people across the globe.

Do you want to know what causes grey hair at a young age? Actually, there could be multiple reasons, depending on your age, gender, lifestyle and various other factors that have negative affects on your hair growth and its health. So, right here we brought the most important factors that really makes your hair grey at young age.

Top Six Causes of Early Greying of Hair at Young Age

gray hair at young age

Water Quality and Pollution

A polluted environment is one of the biggest reason causes grey hair at young age. The toxin and pollutants in the environment produce free radicals that damage the melanin increasing the rate of ageing of your hair.

pollution cause gray hair

Apart from deficiency of important nutrients like melanin, the quality of water that we use to wash our hair or drink also badly affects the hair quality and growth. High chlorine or iron-containing water also causes early grey hair.

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Stressfuland Anxious Life

stress causes gray hair

Yes, its scientifically proven, stress and anxiety has a major role in graying your hair before right age. If you are anxious and lives with a certain kind of tension all the time, it will accelerate your genetic density that will also affect hair color.

As per the studies, it is found that there is a strong connection between stress and depletion of stem cells in the hair follicles of mice. Hence, control your stress level to avoid the premature graying of hair that also causes acidity problems.

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Smokingand Alcohol Intake

smoking causes grey hair

If you smoke cigarette it will impact your hair color. As per the research people who smoke have more than two times higher chances of turning their hair gray. And not only active but passive smokers also notice such changes into their hair.

Actually, smoking constricts blood vessels, which reduces the flow of blood into hair follicles causing the hair loss. Moreover, toxins in cigarettes can damage parts of your body including your hair follicles, causing graying of hair.

Genetic or Parental Grayed Early

genetic grey hair

If your parents or grandparents experienced the early graying of hair, then there is huge chances you will also face the same situation in your life.

Actually, our body also grows and shows similar symptoms that it gains from our parents or grandparents genes. Similarly, greying of hair in early age is another indication shows you got such deficiencies from your progenitor.

Lack of Nutrition Like Vitamin B-12

grey hair due to b12 deficiency

The lack of nutrition to your body is one of the major reasons for grey hair at young age. And vitamin B-12 is important nutrition that keeps your hair healthy and black also helps in growing hair at a young age among people.

If your body lacks vitamin B-12 means your body not absorbing enough vitamins. Vitamin B-12 needs for healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to cells in your body and its deficiency weaken hair cells affects melanin production.

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Hormonal Imbalance Or Medical Condition

grey hair due to hormonal imbalance

Hormonal changes in the body also have a major impact on the pigmentation of your hair. Actually due to hormonal changes the hair color loses its texture, density, and color with the time being which usually starts after the age of 30.

Similarly, owing to certain medical conditions, loss of pigment in your hair starts. If you are not fit or health problems like thyroid disorder, pituitary glands and autoimmune disease which attack cells also cause premature white hair.

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How toPrevent Grey Hair inYoung Age?

If hair graying is genetic it becomes impossible to reverse the changes. But you can stop this if it is happening due to your bad habits and lifestyle like smoking, taking stress, polluted life and excessive use of chemicals like shampoo, etc.

However, if your hair is becoming white at a young age due to health problems or lack of deficiency in your body, you can consult a doctor and take proper treatment to cure the problem causing premature graying of hair.

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Five Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You: Health Benefits



bad habits good for you

Most probably you would have a bad habit you don’t like and can’t get rid of that. Maybe your parents in childhood pointed you every time to quit these bad manners, but either you ignored them or failed to give up and now become user-to.

Don’t worry, all bad habits are not harmful. As per the research and studies, many of them are beneficial for your health. So, in the context of the same, we have brought the list of such shameful habits and how they are good for your body.

5 Bad Habits That Are Good For Your Body

bad habits that are good for you

#1 Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is one of the very common bad habits you can notice among many people around you. Though, while biting nails, dirt goes directly into your stomach can be harmful, as it may contain germs due to exposure of your fingers.

nail biting benefits

But as per the research and studies, biting your nails can actually build up immunities, which is actually a good thing for your health. Actually, your body also registers the bacteria in its memory bank, so if such bacteria are encountered the second time, you’ll already have the lymphocytes that are able to beat it.

#2 Spitting Frequently

It is also one of the most disgusting practices you accumulate your saliva and spit publicly at various places or may sometimes where you shouldn’t do. People chewing tobacco products usually have such habits can’t resist without that.

spitting benefits

Actually, when we breathe through our nose it warms up the air and makes it more humid, allowing the body to absorb oxygen more efficiently.

And while running or doing athlete tasks, we tend to breathe through our mouth and this causes it to produce more saliva that interferes with our breathing patterns. Hence, it is necessary to spit and get rid of the excess mucus from the mouth.

#3 Farting Very Often

This awful habit you would have most probably noticed in your adults especially old age people who never hesitate to fart loudly amid many people. If you have this habit and can’t control this, don’t worry, find out why farting is necessary.

frequent farting benefits

Do you know in a day your body releases gas about 14 times and about 3-5 times when you sleep? Actually, after six hours of taking meals, our digestive tract starts producing the carbon dioxide and methane that should be released. If you try to hold this you can face abdominal pain or bloating and acidity related problems.

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#4 Eating Your Boogers

This is one of the most disgusting habits especially found in kids. Yes, how does it feels when you pick out a piece of dried nasal mucus and put it into your mouth. But according to science eating, boogers also have some benefits.

benefit of eating boogers

Actually, it helps boost your immune system as the snot you eat enriched with salivary mucins that can fight cavity-causing bacteria. And every time when you eat boogers you trigger your immune system to release the white blood cells into your body that helps your body to defend itself against the harmful bacteria.

#5 Peeing While Bathing

It is very awkward speaking about such things, but it is also one of the unknown habits people do while taking the bath. Though, people do not do it regularly, but as per the researchers, almost 75% of people have done it at least once in their lifetime.

benefits of peeing on your feet

If you do this, don’t get ashamed, as your urine contains uric acid and ammonia and when you pee, it passes through your thighs, legs and toes preventing the skin from fungal infections. Another advantage of peeing while bathing is that you could save water bill and toilet paper used every time while such excretion.

Maybe such bad habits benefit your body but it sounds disgusting especially when others notice you and point outs what you are doing. So, to stay healthy it’s better to do some workouts or regular exercise to maintain your fitness level.

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How To Stop Grinding Teeth In Sleep Naturally: Six Home Remedies



how to stop grinding teeth

Grinding of teeth is a kind of jaw or mouth disorder scientifically known as “Bruxism”. If you are also clenching your teeth during sleep, you need to know more about this health problem. Here, we will discuss about why does teeth grinding happen, what are its symptoms and how to prevent the teeth grinding naturally.

What is Teeth Grinding and Its Symptoms?

Teeth grinding is a process of clenching your upper jaw teeth with lower jaw teeth that makes a noise like you are chewing something with hard pressing your teeth. It is not good for your teeth makes it weak that leads to fracture or loss of teeth.

People sleeping around you can easily tell you, if you have this problem, as you disturb their sleep at the night. However, the symptoms of teeth grinding is, in the morning you can have headache with sore jaw or facial muscles affecting your sensitive or loose teeth and you can notice impressions or indentations on your tongue.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

There are multiple causes of teeth grinding in sleep. But sleep disorder, stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, anxiety and depression are the leading reasons of teeth clenching. However, as per the research, teeth grinding is mostly found among the people who snore or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea disorder.

However, as per the studies more than 70% people grind or clench their teeth due to stress and anxiety, and few research has shown stressful work environment is also one of the possible causes of people suffering from teeth grinding. Hence, you need to control this and below you can find useful tips to cure this problem.

Six Home Remedies To Prevent Teeth Grinding

#1 Reduce Stress/Anxiety & Depression

Stressful lifestyle and anxiety is the leading cause of teeth grinding. So, you need to control your stress and anxiety to reduce the depression level. Stress already causes various other health problems like sleeping disorder and acid reflux.

To reduce stress, you can avoid over thinking of anything, mainly negative things and about problems in your life. If you need medical help, you can go with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or do the yoga and mediation daily.

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#2 Avoid Chewing Non-Food Items

If you have habit of chewing the non-food items like pens, pencils or grinding of other articles unnecessarily you need to control this bad habit now. Eating non-food items discolor your teeth, maybe you need to visit at dentist for cleaning.

Actually, practice of such items allows your jaw muscles to get more used to clenching and encourage you to grind your teeth in sleep. And people who often enjoy chewing gums in their mouth should also avoid this kind of practice.

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#3 Relax Muscles and Do Tongue Exercise

Relaxing your jaw muscles and do the tongue exercise will help you to keep your jaw in the right alignment. Actually, a slack jaw allows the whole area to rest and relax, minimizing any risk and further complications down the line.

To exercise your jaw, open your mouth wide open while touching your tongue with your front teeth. And you can also try say letter “N” loudly that will keep your top and bottom teeth from touching and help you avoid clenching problem.

#4 Wear Mouth Guards and Splints in Nights

The best and most effective way to stop teeth grinding at night is use mouth guards or splints while sleeping at the nights. These guards create a kind of physical barrier between your upper an lower jaw teeth protecting from wear off.

It also helps to protect your jaw from strain and not create any kind of noise. Though, custom-made mouth gaurds are expensive but it would be a good option if you can afford but make sure but the soft plastic made for comfort use.

#5 Take Help of Your Partner and Biofeedback

If you are married or sharing the room with any other partner or room mate sharing bed with you, he can help you when you grinding at night. Just share your this problem with your partner and tell him to nudge you when you make such noise.

And if you are sleeping alone you can try Biofeedback therapy that has been designed to to help people become aware of and eliminate such unusual activities. Otherwise hard clinching can pain your mouth or swollen gums with pain.

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In this technique therapist will teach you how to control your jaw muscle movements through visual, vibratory, or auditory feedback generated from electromyography. It can be used to get the short-term benefit and relief from teeth grinding.

#6 Treating and Preventing Dental Problems

Teeth grinding have multiple side- effects like wearing out your teeth and change the teeth structure. And sometimes hard grinding or teeth also can cause pain into your mouth or have swollen gums due that need additional treatment.

So, if natural remedies not works you need to get teeth grinding treatment at best dentist in New York to provide the medication. Dentist will suggest you non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to get relief from pain or swelling around your jaw caused by grinding. But never forget to relax your jaw muscles before going to sleep.

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What Do Your Lungs Look Like After 30 Years Of Smoking: Shocking Images



What Do Your Lungs Look Like After 30 Years Of Smoking

Warning: Terrifying graphics of tar-blackened human lungs of a chain smoker who was inhaling cigarettes for the last 30 years.

Yes, you are going to see the health condition of a 52 year old man’s lung who died due to chain smoking regularly for 30 years. The lung became charcoal in colour and extremely inflamed from decades of tobacco residue clogging them up.

This lung has been removed by the Doctors from the Wuxi People’s Hospital in Jiangsu, China, extracted the organs after the 52-year-old man, who had multiple lung diseases, died, and wished to donate his organs to other survivors.

Owing to decades of tobacco intake, the lungs have been transformed into their black state far from the pink colour one usually expects from healthy lungs.

The images showing how does smoking affect your lungs is uploaded by the hospital with the caption: ‘Do you still have the courage to smoke?

See how a healthy lungs look like compare to long years of smoking affected disease-riddled lungs

Graphics Warning Video: What Do Lungs Look Like After 30 Years Of Smoking

China has highest number of smokers in the world with an estimated 26.6% of Chinese population over the age of 15 smoke, facing such lung problems.

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