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How to Stop Whatsapp Media Auto Download to Gallery?



Dear friends, nowadays we all are heavily addicted to our favorite messaging app Whatsapp. In fact, in the epoch of busy schedules in everyone’s life, it is the best resource to keep in touch with your friends, relatives, colleagues and with other people you are in touch with your professional life.

Anyway, come to the point and that is if you are a member of any Whatsapp group on your android phone you would be getting unlimited messages daily including media posts like images, videos, and contents in various other formats. And if your mobile data is turned on, most of the contents or Whatsapp images or videos download automatically and also saved to your phone gallery.

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Though, maybe or may not be a few images or videos could be useful or enjoyable for you but few of them like daily good morning or good night wishes and festive seasons related pictures come in the bulk that heavily consumes the memory space of your mobile phone’s internal memory.

No worry if your phone has enough memory storage capacity, but after a certain point of time it will also affect the speed of your phone.

And if you don’t have sufficient memory space or an external memory card you will face this problem very soon while capturing photos, recording videos or at the time of getting important data from anyone via Bluetooth or SHAREit.

As your phone, will show not enough space error and you need to remove such junks to make some space available into your phone.

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But do you know, if you change a setting in your Whatsapp group you can avoid Whatsapp video download directly into your phone, even all the pictures, images and videos will be visibleonly in that particular Whatsapp group without saving them to your phone’s gallery.

Hence, to know how to stop Whatsapp media going to gallery just follow the five steps given below and enjoy the unlimited incoming of media messages, as never need to manually delete such messages from your phone.

Steps to Stop Whatsapp Media Save in Gallery:

Step1: Click on 3 dots shown on the right top corner on your Whatsapp group.

Step2: Now Click on the first option i.e. GROUP INFO.

Step3: Three options shown below the group name i.e. mute notifications, custom notifications, and media visibility.

Step4: You have to click on the third option MEDIA VISIBILITY.

Step5: And now select “NO” option to stop Whatsapp media auto download to phone.

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If you do not find this option on your mobile you need to update Whatsapp from Google play store and then follow the steps illustrated above. However, to see the demo of disabling this function on your android phone you can also watch the video gidven below showing the same steps in a simple way.

Watch the Video to Stop Whatsapp Media to Gallery:

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Mobile Apps

WhatsApp OTP Scam: Know About This Online Fraud & How to Stay Safe



WhatsApp OTP Scam How to Stay Safe

WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users worldwide, preferably used for chatting and sending text or multimedia messages. Being one the most widely used chatting mobile apps, it is also attacked for committing fraud and scams.       

Yes, I’m talking about the WhatsApp OTP Scam, which is trending nowadays. Few fraudulent people are sending fake messages attempting to lure users into phishing traps. Just like other this WhatsApp scam asking for money from your friends.  

This new type of whatsapp scam asking for code hacks your friend’s account and sends you personalised messages or ask to transfer money. Hence, here we brought everything you need to know about this scam and how to stay safe.      

What is WhatsApp OTP Scam?

In this scam, the fraudulent user sends you a message requesting to be your friend and will describe some kind of emergency to get your attention. Sometimes, these messages may come from your friend’s WhatsApp number itself. 

After telling the emergency and pretending to be a friend in need, the scammer will send you a WhatsApp message through which he will ask about an OTP.

WhatsApp Scam Asking for Code

After pretending to be a friend in need, scammer may pretend to have sent you an OTP mistakenly on your smartphone and then request you to forward it to him. In reality, the scammer simply wants to access your WhatsApp account.

scam whatsapp code

Actually, the OTP that gets generated is basically to verify your WhatsApp account. The scammers send fake messages so that you end up sharing that OTP.

WhatsApp Scam Asking for Code

As the OTP is meant to verify your WhatsApp account, the moment you share it with someone else, that person will get full access to your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp on your mobile will be locked out. 

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After the WhatsApp account gets hacked, the fraudster sends messages to the friends of the contact to continue with the scam.

WhatsApp Scam Asking for Money

Finally after getting the unauthorized access of your WhatsApp account, apart from sending offensive messages, fraudsters ask to send money.

Technology brings not only innovations but also attracts fraudulent people to take advantage of technical jargons that common people don’t understand and became the victim of such frauds.      

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Yes, using your mobile he might ask to transfer money from your friends pretending that he is having some kind of emergency and don’t have sufficient bank balance to meet his requirements and later on will return your money.   

Nowadays, not just WhatsApp, cybercriminals posing as Income Tax officials or Bank, Loan, Credit Card or other finance executives, use emails and phone calls to trick people to reveal their financial details. So, beware of these activities.

How to Prevent WhatsApp OTP Scam?

To prevent this WhatsApp OTP Scam the best option is activate two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp account. Yes, this 2-step verification prevents your WhatsApp account number to be hacked without your authorization.

And if you don’t know how to activate or enable this two-factor authentication on WhtsApp, you can read another blog linked below. And also remember never share any kind OTPs with anyone, as OTPs are not generated to share with others.

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Mobile Apps

How To Stop Someone From Adding You To A Group In Whatsapp?



how to block whatsapp group

Most probably you will be using one of the world’s most widely used messenger Whatsapp. And you would be also enjoying being a part of a group for getting jokes, funny videos or other interesting information or news updates etc. But do you know if anyone has your Whatsapp number he can add you to any group without taking your permission?

However, you can exit from the group anytime but maybe that person or anyone else can add you again in offensive groups that could be problematic for you. But you can stop anyone from adding you in any group. Find here how to stop someone to add you in a WhatsApp group.

Steps to Restrict Someone to Add You in Whatsapp Group

block whatsapp group

STEP1: First of all check and update your Whatsapp version because this feature is available only in WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.115 or higher version, and to update the version go to Google Play Store and open my apps on your phone and click on update WhatsApp.

STEP2: Now open your WhatsApp and click on the three dots at the top right corner and select settings.

STEP3: In setting section tap your finger on Account option.

STEP4: Now under the account section select Privacy.

STEP4: In Privacy section you have to scroll down and tap on Groups.

STEP5: Now here you find there options Who can add you to groups, select the last one “Nobody and click on done.

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However, if you stop admins from adding you in a group by using the privacy action, they can privately send you invite to join the group and without joining the group you can see group info, icon and name of few members, so make sure to join the right group. And to block such persons adding you in any unacceptable groups find the steps given below.

How to Block Someone Individually from Adding You To Whatsapp Group?

Step1: Open the Group in your WhatsApp

Step2: Now tap on the subject of the group and click on phone number of admin

Step3: Tap here the admin you want to block and click on Message to send message

Step4: A new chat open with admin, juck click on phone number on the right corner

Step5: Now you can click on Block option to stop this person contact you again via Whatsapp.

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Such suspicious groups can not only lead to sending fake news or spam messages instead they can also encourage you to download the fake mobile apps that may have to contain malware or spyware that can steal your sensitive information or bank-related data.

So, always choose wisely while joining such groups or downloading suspecious mobile apps on your phone to keep your smartphone experience trouble-free. And keep regularly visiting our website for such useful tips and stay updated with latest technologies.

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List of Fake Android Apps Stealing Your Bank Data



If you have previously or recently installed an app from Google Play Store on your android mobile you need to make sure it is reliable or not. Actually, while installing such apps on your android mobile these applications ask few permissions to get the access of various information and in-built functions of your mobile like location, contacts, camera, messages and other sensitive details etc.

Few fake mobile apps are taking the advantages of such permissions and they are stealing your bank details and financial data from your mobile making such information vulnerable to cybercriminals who are sitting in the ambush to take advantages of committing such wrongful acts with the motive to easily wipe out hard earned money from your bank account.

fake mobile apps

Most of such android apps stealing data are either a mobile junk cleaner, speed booster or providing the horoscope related information to users. Just like you, most of the people don’t bother to check the authentication or reliability of such apps and they blindly install them on their phones resulting allowing a free access to the sensitive information stored into your mobile inviting cybercriminals to get access of your bank account without your consent.

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So, we brought the list of fake Android apps that can steal bank details from your android mobile. We have mentioned the name top mobile apps spam that can steal your bank account details and just check if you have installed any of them and remove the same to keep your sensitive information safe from unauthorized peoples.

List of Fake Android Apps Contain the Banking Trojan

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Power Manager, Astro Plus, Super Booster Cleaner and Daily Horoscope named are most popular apps millions of people have downloaded on their mobile and they don’t know how much such apps can cost them if their financial information or bank details have been shared with an unauthorized person through fake mobile apps running into their Android phone.

Other Apps Removed from Google Play Store

As per the security experts, such fake applications pretend to delete themselves or display fake error messages during the launch but continue to breach your privacy from the background.

In the meantime, these apps carry out their malicious acts by copying legitimate banks and displaying replica login screens in order to steal your sign-in details. Apart from this, there are a few most dangerous fake mobile app you need to remove from your phone immediately.

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