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Why IP Address is Blacklisted and How to Remove IP from Blacklist?



An IP or internet protocol address is a unique identification tag given to your computer system or device connected to internet. Actually, this unique internet address is unique identifier used for transferring the packet data or detecting the location of the users to block their network or website doing spamming work through that particular IP address.

However, the IP address is blacklisted sometimes due to many reasons. And it is not necessary your IP is blacklisted on single blacklist, even it could be listed on multiple blacklists and each blacklist is governed by private entities not by any government authorities. And criteria and standards of blacklisting or delisting IP addresses could be different.   

What Does IP Address Blacklisted Mean?        

If your IP is blacklisted means your website will be considered as a spam web page among the online visitors or the mails you are sending will be drop into the spam folder of the mail receiver. And if your IP is blacklisted in a particular country then your website or online portal will be not open on that location and your website will be reported as a spam web page.  

Why IP Address Get Blacklisted?

The question is right here why has my IP address been blacklisted? And the most common reason behind the IP has been reported in blacklist is either you are sending spam mails or someone else is using your IP to send mails without your permission.

Why IP Address Get Blacklisted

However, there are multiple criteria could be included while blacklisting like technical listings, policy listings and evidence-based listings and most common of them are listed below.

Top Reasons Why My IP is Blacklisted?

  • If your system or device is infected with a virus.
  • If you are involved in illegal activities through this IP.
  • To prevent spying and/or preventative action.
  • If you are sending spam mails through this IP.
  • If you are doing spam works through this IP.
  • Sending mail despite unsubscribed by the receiver.
  • If your IP is reported by several internet users.
  • If you are running a software or application using this IP.
  • If the website you are running deemed inappropriate.
  • If you are updating contents on banned websites like porn etc. 

How to Check IP Blacklist?

You can check IP blacklist online through multiple websites available with round-the-clock service. But before you check your check IP spam blacklist you should know what is IP address of your computer system or device you are using for internet service. To know how to find location of IP address visit at IP Location and your system’s IP address will be visible on this website with latitude and longitude location in your country.

why ip get blacklisted

Similarly, to check if IP is blacklisted you can visit various websites freely available online. But Max Tool Box is one the best one you can visit and enter your IP address that will show you the list of blacklisted IP addresses and list of all blacklists where it has been blacklisted with options to check other details and remove your IP from there.

How to Remove IP Address from Blacklist?

If your IP is blacklisted don’t get worry about it, as there are several methods you can follow to remove the IP from the blacklist. But before taking this decision you need to make sure that your all devices are free from infected files and once you are sure where your system is clean, check where IP is blacklisted and you can personally contact them for removal.

Find the removal process below but depending on reason of blacklisting of IP address you need to contact the blacklist and it doesn’t mean your request will be approved.

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Self-Service Removal

There are many blacklists providing self-service removal system that lets you take out your IP address from the blacklist without any trouble. But always make sure fix the problem or make your PC or gadgets free from the activities counted as a spamming. Because, if you don’t do that and if your IP got blacklisted again it would be difficult to remove next time.

Time-Based Removal

While on the other hand, there are several blacklisting websites providing the automatic process to remove your lower-level listing from blacklist. However, these blacklists can take few days to week and if your IP address is blacklisted because of sending spam multiple times or did the same with high volume then time period of removal could be longer than usual. 


Once you have requested to remove your IP from the blacklist you can check your IP on the same website again and if not removed you cannot take any legal action as in many countries blacklists are legal. As these blacklists are not stopping you to send mail but operator of receiving mail server can consult a third party before accepting email from your mail server. Hence, if you are running business you need to check your internet services IP and work ethically to avoid get blacklisted and gain a trustworthy business relationship.  

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