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Machine Learning

What is Training and Testing Data in Machine Learning with Types?



Machine learning (ML) is a one of the fastest growing technology interchangeably used with artificial intelligence (ML) on which many companies across the world are working with more innovative models and applications developed with encouraging results.

To develop such models on machine learning principles a training data is used that can help machines to read or recognize a certain kind of data available in various formats like texts, numbers and images or videos to predict as per the learned patterns.

Difference Between Training and Testing Data in ML

Training Data is kind of labeled data set or you can say annotated images used to train the artificial intelligence models or machine learning algorithms to make it learn from such data sets and increase the accuracy while predating the results.

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While on the other hand, after using the training data sets each machine learning model needs to be tested to check the accuracy and validate the model prediction. Testing data is quite different from training data, as it is a kind of sample of data used for an unbiased evaluation of a final model fit on the training dataset to check model functioning.

Why Training Data is Important?

Training data is important because without such data a machine cannot learn anything and if you want to train model you have to feed the curated data sets allowing machines learn from the repetitive or differentiated patterns and predict accordingly.

Also Read: What is Training and Testing Data in Machine Learning with Types?

As much as quality training data is feed into the AI model or ML algorithms with the right algorithm you will get the more accurate results. The accuracy of model prediction mainly depends on the quality and quantity of training data sets used to train such models.

What are the Different Types of Training Data?

Apart from annotated text and video, there are different types of image training data sets available in the market depending on the field of industry of model development. And image annotation technique as training data is used for self-driving or autonomous vehicles, drones, satellite imagery, AI in agriculture, security surveillance and sports analytics.

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Image Annotations Types for Training Data in Machine Learning:

These annotation types are used for computer vision to recognize the objects of interest in the images and store the information into their system for future prediction. And the main purpose of image annotations is to train the machines and develop a fully-functional AI model that can detect the various types of objects and take the action accordingly. And acquiring the right quality of annotated images as training data become an important factor for machine learning engineers or companies working on AI.

How to Get Training Data for Machine Learning?

Collecting the right quality and amount of data sets from a reliable source is a challenging task in the AI world. As most of the data sets used to train machine learning models are in the form of annotated images that a computer vision can easily recognize and learn for predictions.

To get the right quality and quantity of training data sets you need to get in touch with a professional company like Cogito that provides the machine learning training data with image annotations and data labeling service. You can get all types of annotated images as per your AI model or machine learning algorithm training needs and affordability.

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Artificial Intelligence

What is the Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?



Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are nowadays one of the hottest topics in the tech towns across the globe. China is heavily investing on R&D on AI and other developed nations like US, UK and Germany are also in the race to develop AI-base robots, machines, software, cars and business applications that can work without any human intervention.

Sometimes AI and ML are used interchangeably, making a kind of confusion among people who listen about the technological developments into this field. So, before we clarify the difference between AI and Machine Learning we need to simplify with the basic definition of both to make it more easily understandable while unfolding the dissimilarities between them.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In a very simple and layman language, “Artificial intelligence is a theory and development of computer-based systems that can works behaving like human intelligence”. It is kind of study how to train computers so they can perform with their own thinking in different situations.

AI also sometimes called machine intelligence because it is demonstrated by machines. And nowadays automobiles, gadgets and equipment in healthcare or sector are using AI-enabled devices to reduce the repetitive tasks and minimize the human efforts.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch or you can say a subset of artificial intelligence in the field of computer science allowing machines to learn by its own without being explicitly programmed. Actually, with the help of an algorithm, it uses a machine learning training data to learn certain patterns and behaviours of the particular action to respond accordingly.

The prime aim of ML is to allow the computers to learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly. And the process of teaching initiates with observations of data such as examples, direct experience, or instruction, in order to look for patterns in data and make better decisions in the future based on the examples that we feed into them.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with examples

Artificial Intelligence is a wider concept that involves the research and development of machine learning based applications. ML is the sub-field of the AI and its main aim is to increase the accuracy by learning with high-quality training data while AI works as a computer program aimed to increase the chance of success and not the accuracy.

AI is you can say a final model that performs in decision making while ML allows the system to learn new things from the data. Machine learning process basically encompasses creating self-learning algorithms, whereas AI leads to develop a system to reposed like human intelligence and behave accordingly into different circumstances.

Self-driving cars, virtual apps like Google Assistant and Crotona, Alexa and Siri are nice examples of artificial intelligence. All these models have been trained with a huge amount of high-quality data with deep learning algorithms to work flawlessly and make human work easier. Cogito is the one the well-known AI training data companies, providing high-quality datasets for machine learning in various industries like healthcare, e-commerce and retail etc.

AI-enabled robotics and machines are various other best examples you can see around you or on the internet. But remember, artificial intelligence is a broad term that represents the general concept of machines being able to carry out smart tasks, and machine learning is a specific subset of algorithms for AI that helps to learn from data and perform accordingly.

To know more about AI and ML differences watch this video:

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