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Sleep for 60 Days in Bed and NASA Will Pay You $18,500 for this Job



If you are a lazy person and love to sleep most of the time and can lay in bed for 60 days, NASA is giving you a golden chance to earn $18,500 or approximately Rs. 12,80,000 in Indian currency just for sleeping on the bed for two months allowing scientists to study and understand how artificial gravity affects the body of humans.

What is NASA 60 Days in Bed Study and Motive of this Research?

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As per this research and study volunteers have to sleep for 60 days upon the bed while performing all daily necessary the activities like having meals, taking a bath at the bed-rest phases under the guidance of scientist and other attendants at research center.    

And during the AGBRESA study, you will not be allowed to move so that strain on their muscles, tendons, and the skeletal system are cut down. Actually, the main motive behind this study is how bodies change in a weightless environment, similar to living in space.


NASA will take out data to see how astronauts are affected in space when they stay in space for long days and by simulating weightlessness’ effects with bed rest, scientists will develop methods to counteract the impacts of weightlessness on astronauts, so that they don’t need to spend most of their days on the space station exercising.


Where this Study will be conducted?

The study is called Artificial Gravity Bed Rest (AGBRESA) launched by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in association with European Space Agency (ESA) at the German Aerospace Centre, at Cologne, Germany.

Image Courtesy: NASA Analog Missions Flicker

To conduct this study the beds will be put in Envihab which is a medical research facility of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of the German Aerospace Center where the effects of diverse environmental conditions on human body are analyzed and studied.


Who can apply for this Job?

For this study NASA is looking for highly motivated, healthy 12 female and 12 male volunteers within the age of 24 to 55 years, who can lie down in bed straight for two months. 


And the only qualification you require to volunteer to apply for this job to NASA is you should have knowledge of spoken German language to communicate with scientists.

How this Study Can Affect your Body?

It might be dream job for you to earn this much of money only in two months but it would be also stressed and little painful job. As, you won’t be allowed to sit up at all, even for meals, and must keep at least one shoulder in contact with the mattress at all times.


Though, NASA paying to sleep for 60 days but the worst could be, the top of your bed will be angled down by six degrees, so fluids move towards your head. This long days bed rest have a similar effect on your body to low gravity leading to muscle and bone atrophy.


Further, to find whether artificial gravity can effectively prevent this you’ll be taken for a daily spin in a centrifuge, pushing the blood through your extremities.

Image Courtesy: NASA Analog Missions

And to recover your body from such extreme tests apart from 60 days you will be stay in Envihab at for 5 days to familiarise and more 14 days for resting and astronaut rehabilitation.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Md Beyaz uddin

    4th April 2019 at 12:30 PM

    I want to be the part of those 24 volunteers.

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