What is Customer Sentiment Analysis: How to Do Sentiment Analysis

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Customer’s sentiments are very important to understand their state of mind, especially towards a product, services, brand and company. Business organizations can analyze and utilize the sentiments of their customers, to offer them better products and services.

Customer sentiment analysis is basically, analyzing the feedbacks, reviews and comments of the customers on social media, your website, your customer support center or any other place meant for taking customer’s feedback.

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Once such data is gathered and analyzed, you get to know the actual sentiments and feelings of your customers. These feedback and reviews contains the useful business information through multiple channels helps your business improve the service.       

How to Do Customer Sentiment Analysis?

Tracking your customer’s sentiments is not easy if you not choose the right platform to collect the true data and analyze the same for business growth. Though, there are many traditional ways to analyze the customer’s sentiments but we have mentioned few of them would be the best platform for customers sentiment analysis.    

4 Best Ways To Perform Sentiment Analysis

How to Do Sentiment Analysis

#1 Ask them what they think about you

The reviews are given by the customers personally are the best ways to know their feelings. You can use customize mobile apps to rate your service or what they think about your product or services with the column to give personal feedback. You can use in-app ratings prompts, asking whether do you love our service or other tricks to think about your company’s service and what service need to improve. 

#2 Ask if they would recommend your service 

Another ways to find out the sentiments of your customer’s is ask them whether they will recommend your service to others or not. Net promoter score is one of the well-known indicator you can use to measure the loyalty of the customers.

It can provide you one consistent scale to measure sentiment over time. And when your company’s score is more than your nearest rivals, your company has ability to attract more customers with convert them into a profitable consumer. 

#3 Monitoring the social media platform

Social media is one the best and largest platform to gather the sentiments of people. Actually, nowadays people are spending more times on social media apps, which is accessible through multiple devices like desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

And while browsing such platforms, they are also attached to their favourite brand. And taking the advantage of such brand loyalty you can organize questioners, surveys and reactions of people while promoting a particular brand name.

And for customer sentiment analysis you can use the various tools or hire the companies providing the sentiment analysis services. The tool or experts will check comments, reactions, mentions and shares to find out how your brand is appreciated among your customers or what they don’t like about your service.  

#4 Taking the customer’s feedback directly

The last but very effective ways to know about the sentiments of the customer is taking the feedback personally from your customers. Though, it is very difficult to contact your customer’s directly and get such feedbacks, as noways companies use digital methods like chat, email and direct call from customers.

However, if you are using the direct feedback channel, to get feedbacks towards your company, make sure to assign some type of score to the feedback in order to measure the sentiments of the customers and analyze in a better way.  

Apart from using the right ways to gather the feedbacks and opinions of the customers for sentiment analysis, it is also very important to choose the right instrument for sentiment analysis. As tools are not that effective compare to manually done by the experienced professionals analyzing such data with better interpretation.

Sentiment analysis is one of the best tools to analyze the sentiments of the people from different age, sex, demographic backgrounds and belongs to a different class of society. It is not helping business owners to offer better products or services, but in the stock market and other trading or investing financial instruments it is playing a big role in decision making.

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