India China Border Fight Video of 15 June Goes Viral First Time

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A video showing the deadly clash between Chinese and Indian troops on 15 June with fists and sticks, apparently in a disputed border region, has gone viral on Chinese social media that left at least 20 Indian soldiers dead.

The footage, which is first of its kind ever to appear online, shows soldiers clashing close to a river. On June 15, a violent brawl broke out  in the Galwan Valley in India’s Ladakh region. which left at least 20 Indian soldiers dead.

Beijing declined to say at the time how many casualties it suffered in the incident. A Chinese military source said the video, which first appeared online on Tuesday night, was genuine and that it was taken “a few months ago”.

The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the footage showed that the soldiers – by not using their firearms – had exercised restraint.

Watch Video Again with details what exactly happened there

The footage showed the Chinese soldiers armed with sticks and riot shields. Some of the Indian soldiers had their rifles on their backs but did not fire them.

Since the fight occurred, no such photage came out showing what exactly happened on that day that took many soldiers’ lives.  A watermark on the video, which has been viewed millions of times, suggests it was recorded on a Chinese phone.

A military analyst, who also asked not to be named, said he thought the clash seen in the video footage was probably not the one that happened on June 15, but rather an earlier one that happened along the Galwan River in May.

“Judging from their weapons, this video is an earlier clash, as we know the two sides only began to send in their better-equipped units after May,” the person said.

China and India have been engaged in a bitter border dispute since May, and since then have held a series of diplomatic and military talks to ease tensions.

However, the situation intensified for the second time in a week on 7th Sep 2020, when shots were fired during a stand-off at Pangong Tso, a high mountain lake in the Galwan Valley. But on 11th Sept 2020, both the nations have pledged to enhance mutual trust to ensure peace along their disputed borders in their first formal agreement since June.

The pledge came as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar met for the first time since their border stand-off turned deadly in June, leaving 20 Indian soldiers dead and an unknown number of casualties on the Chinese side.

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Source: South China Morning Post

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