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Seven Useful Tips for Web Application Development



web development tips

Web Applications are becoming the need of small as well as a large corporation to provide a sophisticated but interactive platform as per the user’s interface. Web applications are developed on various platforms as per the user’s requirements and developer’s control. Can be developed with various features with striking backdrop themes, a web application should be created from every stakeholder’s perspective to make it more useful and successful at the same time considering your feasibility to make changes.

Seven Best Ways to Improve Web Application Development

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#1 Think Through Users Mind

Before starting web application development, first you need to know about your potential users. Developing the right application will also boost the user base from different locations. Web application developers should identify the real users and develop as per their usability to avoid the unnecessary changes and editing in future.   

#2 Initial Versions Should be Simple

Makinga complex application initially could be aloof for the users until and unlessthey use it and become familiar with the features. Because a basic featureenabled web app is viable and beneficial for the end-users, though you can addinnovative features in upcoming versions to make it more attractive anduser-friendly.   

#3 Compatible with Different Browsers 

Thoughtoo many internet users stopped using internet explorers and othersophisticated browsers but a web application should be compatible with allbrowsers including mobile-friendly browsers. Many people who could be yourpotential customer don’t want to switchover and are comfortable with the olderversions like internet explorer.

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#4 Use Freely Available Services

Using freely available web services will not affect the quality and performance. You can choose from wide-ranging free available services to integrate with web application. It will also help you to reduce your cost of development and provide the right solutions for scalability in near future allowing you to deliver a low-cost web application development service.

#5 Right Execution at the Right Time

Spendingmoney on technology and make an application is not enough for its success and acceptanceamong targeted users. You need a well-timed execution method at every stage ofdevelopment to achieve the right product executed as per the expectations and needs.Few clients are very cautious about the timely delivery of projects.   

#6 Developed with Collaborative Approach 

A web application should be integrated with all the essential features necessary for the different stakeholders like making it SEO-friendly for online business promotions. Besides customers or site users there are many other visitors who can access this application, so a collaborative approach in application development will be beneficial for everyone.

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#7 Feedbacks and Reporting

Sometimesusers find very difficult to operate a particular section or whole application,hence, a feedback section or problem reporting feature should be enabled toknow the setbacks on your web application. It will help you to improve theproblems arrives with different types of users while navigating its inner menusor perform various functions.   

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Why These Are Most Popular PHP Framework For Website Development?



most popular php framework

With the rise of web based services, PHP frameworks are becoming one of the most widely use techniques to develop various applications and web based portals. Choosing the right framework is the key decision of a web developer.

Though, there are many frameworks and each one has its own advantages or disadvantages. But choosing the the correct framework saves time and efforts spend on unnecessary coding or organizing them in required formats.

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Below you can check best PHP frameworks for web development and their features which you can choose as per your project’s requirements and feasibility of use with different resources to show your web development skills.

7 Most Popular PHP Framework for Web Development

#1 Laravel

One of the most popular frameworks for PHP development, Laravel is free open source PHP framework design for developing different types of web applications.

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PHP framework is basically used to perform various tasks for developing enterprise level application projects. It allows developers to easily manage and organize the inner structure as per the varied requirements.

#2 Phalcon

Phalcon is one of the fastest framework implemented on PHP, provides high performance and lesser resource usage with the facility to develop without having knowledge of C language.

The best feature of using Phalcon framework is that, it reduces processor time and also improves the performance of entire application that helps to develop a dynamic web application.

#3 Symfony

Symfony is one of the most actively used frameworks known for reducing repetitive task of coding with more effective controls across the panel.

Suitable for enterprise level applications, it facilitates a set to easily integrate with the application and syndicated with precise methodology which helps to work effectively and efficiently while performing crucial tasks.

#4 Codeigniter

Suitable for beginners, Codeigniter is suitable for PHP coders who prefer to use simple and sophisticated web applications. It is a truly recognized and responsive open framework for PHP helpful in developing new generation applications.

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Codeigniter needs almost negligible level of configuration without any code restrictions allows a simplified solution for complex applications.

#5 Zend

One of the most appreciated PHP framework for web development, Zend is suitable for all type enterprise projects. It is equipped with flexibility, robustness and scalability with easily customizable functionality.

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Zend framework is suitable of beginners as well as intermediates, but an expert having experience in PHP programming can only make best utilization of its applications and internal features.

#6 CakePHP

Compared to other popular frameworks, CakePHP allows users to easily apply codes and develop a user-friendly web application at low cost.

Working with CakePHP framework, developers can easily setup database with simple configuration process and database access which also allows complete authentication and validation into the original PHP frameworks.

#7 Yii

Especially designed to work with AJAX, Yii is loaded with various interesting features and one of the fast and secure professional PHP framework.

With Yii developers can avoid complexities and repetitive coding actions with the option to use reusable and clean codes. It is a very powerful framework ideally suitable for developing social networking web portals in least time.

Users prefer PHP framework because of reliability and simplicity. And there are wide options to choose the right framework as per the developers ease and user’s requirement.

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All frameworks have their own features, hence, developers should wisely chose the right one while considering the user’s need and cost of other resources involved in making the application more useful and productive.

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Web Designing

How To Improve Web Designing Skills: Five Web Design Techniques



how to Improve Web Designing Skills

A website is an online gateway for a company to share various things among customers or audiences. Images and pictures are playing an important role in presenting information among the audience with the option to further share through different platforms.

A home page image or products pictures all can influence the site visitors and encourage them to utilize the services.

Web designing is one of the most essential elements of web development and application development process. Web designing service is directly related to creativity and art to depict the company’s organizational behavior, its products, services and work environment.

Catered with innovative web tools and innovative imaging techniques, this service can be improved with the following tips to enhance its importance and use in various online projects.

Five Web Design Techniques to Improve Designing Skills

web design techniques

#1 Choose the Right Color Combination

Use the combination of solid and reflective colors simultaneously as per the website logo and business profile of the company. You can try neutral colors palettes to show the elegance and modernization with a holistic approach to entice visitors and turn them into a customer.

#2 Perfect Fonts and Texts Sizes

Too large or too small fonts are not suitable from the look and feel angle, hence choose the right font size and designs for better visibility on various web platforms or web browsers.

The color of fonts should be ideally black, light or white with dark backgrounds and white font is best on dark shades to reflect the scripts on different devices like desktop, tablets and smartphones, etc.

#3 Avoid Flash and HD Images

To run a flash image all devices need additional plug-in and few devices not support or not compatible with that. Though, flash images change randomly but take time for loading.

And, high-resolution images have best picture clarity but are too heavy in size. Use of Flash or HD images will increase the load time and also slow down the speed of the whole website.

#4 Buy Professional Images

Use of cheap and freely available images on the web can spoil website ranking, as they are visibly not good in quality and might also be used by someone else in similar projects.

Hence, investing money in professional photography will improve the image of the website among the audience. And such professional images are created exclusively and sold individually as per the demand.

#5 Create Responsive Designs

Web designs have many attributes, but the main aspect is that it should be responsive for a website and its user-interface so that visitors can open it in different browsers.

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A website or image taking too much time to reload can irritate visitors and will increase the bounce rate of a website which directly affects the page rank of the whole website on leading search engines.

Hope these web design techniques will help designers especially to newcomers in the industry to create few innovative designs and make a space in this industry for better opportunities to show their skills at the right place.

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Why You Should Make Your Website Mobile Friendly: Six Reasons



why mobile friendly website

Websites are the online doorway to represent the various aspects of a business enterprise. In today’s world most of the business organization including small enterprises has web presence through websites or online portals. Now people can also easily access this web-based services using their portable communication devices like smartphones or tablets etc.

Highly featured smartphones allow accessing multiple web-based services anytime from anywhere at a lower cost. Smartphone users can open websites, do online shopping or make payments for various types of transactions with better visibility and user-interface. However, the compatibility of a mobile operating system is quite different from desktop computers but responsive websites can be easily accessed from different types of devices.

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But to make website mobile friendly it can be easily optimized as per the compatibility and visibility of Mobile phones especially as per popular smartphones operating systems. A mobile-friendly website is very important to make your presence more accessible among the users. Now more people prefer to visit a website using their smartphones with better control and navigation process. Hence, mobile-friendly websites are important for business owners who are also offering products or services and attract online customers from various groups.

Six Reasons to Have a Mobile Friendly Website

why have mobile friendly website

#1 Revolution of Smartphones

smartphone revolution

Over the past few years, a revolution of highly featured and affordable smartphones are available in the market providing an interactive platform to perform various tasks which were earlier only possible with computer devices. The demand for smartphones and the rise of its manufacturers are increasing rapidly worldwide with more internet-friendly devices.

#2 Affordable Internet Connectivity

Smartphones are also specially designed to use internet based services which are now available at very affordable rates. Users also prefer to open various websites through their mobile rather than using the desktop or laptop. And the best part of using these phones is that they can be easily connected from multiple devices allowing internet connectivity.

#3 Better Online Traffic of Users

Online visitor on mobile

Compare to desktop PCs mobile optimized website have a large number of visitors with better ranking on the search engines. Non-mobile-friendly websites or not optimized as per the mobile visibility have a lower number of visitors. Customized apps are also the main reason to use mobile phones for accessing various services with better user-interface.

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#4 A Brand Management with Edge

brand promotion on mobile

Some of the companies even don’t have a website, but having a mobile compatible web page is an edge over competitors. It also works as brand management for the service provider and helps to improve the brand image of the company with better scope to introduce new products or services under the same brand name with the edge of popularity among users.

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#5 Higher Conversion Rates of Users

online shopping on mobile

Compare to desktop, smartphone users have a high conversion rate of visitors into a lucrative customer. Customers do online shopping or click on such ads to take actions on various promotional activities on their smartphones, the ratio is much higher than desktop computers. Hence, the conversion of customers is more than desktop compatible websites.

#6 Favourable for SEO with Better Ranking

Mobile website development is the process to optimize the various pages of a website as per the mobile’s operating system and visibility. And a mobile-friendly website gets the advantage of ranking on search engines. That is very helpful in search engine optimization process, as they consider a mobile-friendly website as an advantage over other competitors.

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